World Conqueror 3 for PC

Can't fix my ships I love this game. One of the best mobile strategy games out there and it's a free to play. The only things I hope they add is a repair mechanic. Right now it seems that there is no repairing mechanics for defensive structures or ships. Adding a way to fix these would be great since they cost so much to build in the first place. If there already is a mechanic then it needs to be easier to find because it doesn't appear to be very obvious. Love the game.

Fun game Great game I think it's one of the best strategy games you can get but it has a down fall. If you play as the Allie's then Axis kicks your but and all your other friendly country's and if you play as Axis it works the other way around. Other than that awesome game great job but please make Ai a little easier. Okay so I've had this for a little while and after a previous update the Ai's air support and tactical missiles doubled in distance. So it makes it very very hard to even get near a city.

Excellent! Magnificent! Engaging! Tactfully smart!..i dont know why this wonderfull game has just a 4.3 star rating?This shud easily be Editor'sChoice 4.8or4.9star rated. WellDone guys,Love your reminds me of R_type command on PSP. Keep the updates coming and please make the tutorials and other sections of the inGame easy to understand. There is just NO inGame FAQ,plz add it and Do Not stop the updates. Keep this game alive for Turn based Strategy fans like us.

World Conqueror 3 (DON'T PAY TO PLAY) I loved playing the game. The down fall is it keeps deleting my saved data for the game. So you have to start all over again. The third time it happened it was a big one! I was going to pay to play, because I had no problems for a long time. I'm glad I held off, because I would have lost it all. Many hours were lost this third time. (DON'T PAY AND PLAY!)

Fantastic, best yet Awesome but challenging campaign, fun HQ leveling and an AMAZING Conquer the World mode where you can choose among many nations like Germany Poland U.S.A. and even small ones like Denmark, Belgium and Thailand, with 4 different eras 1939, 1942(my favorite),1950, and 1960 with multiple fronts across multiple continents, this game is a true test of strategy and is a MUST for anyone who loves strategy, tactics or fun. Plus even if your no tactition, it is still fun to play, especially the Conquer the World mode. A FANTASTIC game. If your thinking about getting it, do it!

Pay to win. Most of the game mechanics are never truly explained with no hints. The game relies heavily on having skilled generals. How do you get skilled generals? Spend money on the in game currency. Oh, and the enemy AI has these skilled generals on their side and will annihilate your units with ease. It would be much better if it wasn't so reliant on the general system.

Cool but could improve more! I just wished I could control more than one nation in the "Conquer the World" mode as my allied nations just go nuts and let themselves be destroyed and just wait for my reinforcement to arrive, which very sucks. And also the mode should include the whole world, meaning you have the whole South America, whole Africa, whole Australia, whole Scandinavia and more, basically a complete world...but overall its good

Great overall Overall, this is a great strategy game and maybe the best I've found. But I remove 2 stars from it because the game often delete my data and therefore I should start again from the begining. This happens everytime I power off and remove my phone battery to replace it with another battery (I got 2 battery, so I charge 1 battery while using the other one and just change the battery I'm using whenever the power is low). Please fix this because this is really annoying. I'll give 5 stars if you fix it.

Awesome so far Had a great exp playing it. Things that i think need to add, 1. either more medals for completing missions/affordable generals, 2. fix friendly AI(make them more smarter & help when you're under attack)especially in world conquer, 3. units repairable when at base, 4. cities upgradeable.

Best strat game for sho yo ! proper gangsta!! gets hard as farouq tho at missions 10 + i gues its what you get without paying, apart from the world mode but that litteraly takes u months to get the 150 or so medals. i prefer to uninstall then start again.. ive done this 3 times so far bit annoying but i aint paying for shitzu! but its the best strategy game by far so, in a way, well done

Thank you for making this game with appropriate names Im so amazed that this game used appropriate names of all territories in the map. I ve never seen any games using the word 'East sea'. Not only naming, the graphics and stories are well made... Overall, I would say this game is perfect! I strongly recommand this

Almost okay. The game overall is good. Better than the previous two. Except for the medal collection system. Its flop in this one. Medal collection system was better in the previous two installments. Out here its tough to collect. It should be also be based on number of hits and kills like the previous one. Secondly the value of other currency against dollars in the game is way too high than the original value in the world. Fix these two issues and the game will be better. Otherwise the game is good.

Great, but a few suggestions Requests: ability to change alliances, maybe a doplomatic menu.( including NAPs and treaties) AI allies shouldnt steal locations you clear. Maybe even a map with more cities oil etc. Maybe mines for extra gold. Options for auto mode: all attack, econo mode where the AI wont spend your resources, defensive mode. Many more ideas id you are interested

(Edit) Had some issues, all solved now. Since my medals were refunded I had to change this review. An addictive, detailed vast ww2 and cold war empire game. Build a nation from its real lands up to own the world, buy generals with earnings from your campaigns and build undefeatable armies, ALL OFFLINE¡¡¡¡!!!!! GREAT PLAY FOR TRAIN JOURNEYS. Best war game of recent times.

To good to fun You worked so hard on the animation, not just the tank shoot, but the tank machine gun. Soviet troops actually arent just ukisha, but low rank helmeted unlike the other medium strategy games. The other world counquers and glory of generals by easy tech was not good. Planes were 1 model. Now different countries have different plane textures. I remeber the other world counquer games only had a spit fire plane for the strafe run. This is the best, I can't litteraly say how good it is.

The Best WWII Strategy Game on the Market Very fun, as above it is the best game on the market (Possible exception of World Conqueror 2 ) just watch out for the OP Paratroopers. And make getting promotions for your generals easier. Finally, they throw you off the deep end in this game. You will die horribly the first few times you play this game, that is normal, it is very hard.

Awesome I am so hooked to this game is am a WW1 WW2 addict loved everything to do with it when I was in school own several newspapers dating back to this time and this game just puts it all over the top. Make your own strategies. One bad movement of your troops could be the meaning between winning and losing the war. I've had this game for 3weeks now best decision I've made. And it's not like most games now that they have on these phones I think it's a lot better! Enjoy the game

Great Everything about it is cool and I'm glade that easy tech made this free... you guys are great! Just one problem is that the AI is dumb, for example: you are play conquest and you play as Japan, you have the Germans as allies but the don't put generals in the right spot like putting Guderian on infantry or Dönitz on armored vehicles, all I ask is if you make another or update it make the AI smart enough to put generals in the right spot please thank you.

Great game. The point of the turn limit is so that there actually is a way to lose. The game isn't meant to be blown through. You are supposed to lose, formulate a plan, and eventually win. Allies are terrible, but who would want a game where you do nothing while the AI wins? It's a fun game with a cool concept and good graphics. That's all a game should have.

Lots of fun... but... Okay, so this game is amazing. I've had so many hours in this game, it's got an amazing replay value. Most of it is perfect, but there are 2 things I dislike. 1. It's hard to get materials to upgrade things. The missions don't give that much and Conquest mode takes a while only to give you miniscule amounts of materials. You have to play 1 star on 1950 and up in order to get anything out of it, and that's really hard. 2. I wish there were more countries in Conquest mode. Africa is pretty empty 1950 and up.

The game itself is actually pretty good but 2 things ruin it for me. First is that you need good generals at later stages but the only real way to get them is IAPs. I wouldn't even mind doing this, but 20 dollars for a single general? Seriously? The second is that all of my data has randomly been deleted and I'm back to level 1 (was about to hit 30).

Sandbox Mode I absolutely love this game and I don't have much to complain about. I would like to request that there be an update with an sandbox mode, if it was added I would play this game all day (whether or not you decide to have people pay for it is totally up to you). In this sandbox I wish it could be like European War where you could have multiplayer and you could switch countries. I would also like if there was an option to do friendly fire so that if I invade the world I can rid my allies.

Fun Game Won't spend money till you can back up my progress, something happens to my phone I lose a bunch of money. Other than that awesome game! But interest going to start dying down if I can't get points to upgrade generals.

Come on.. Ok don't get me wrong, it's an outstanding game. But the fact of having played like 10 times and losing every single time kinda ticks me off.. I also don't feel like spending $20 on 1 frickin general...

Bad AI priority After taking control of 80% of the world at round 108 I left the rest up to the AI. After an hour I checked back, they did nothing. After a longer time like 3 and a half hours or so I checked back again still did nothing I decided to play the rest myself after putting in so much work at the start. The game ended that round and I lost. I would love to see this fixed and see the round limit longer as I have loved the game until now

A few features are missing First of all, the friend AI in campaigns is stupid. Please, either give an option to control them as well, or just make them smarter. The second annoying thing is that I can't easily find the unit which didn't make turn (especially in Conquer World mode). Please, make a button "next free unit". The third - I'd like to setup the predefined routes for my units to move next turns automatically. Thank you in advance.

It could be the best strategy game but... You can't farm medals like in glory of generals. You earn them slowly, other resources are scarce too, generals cost quite a lot, upgrades are costly and you inevitably hit a wall. Also aliens are nearly impossible.

Only one thing When your trying to capture a base and you have got the health down to zero And i end a turn probably an AI has captured it please make this stop FIX and also why haven't you added a ww1 time it would be fun please add it

Needs update, when troops are increase in moral and are fighting those with decrease moral they should not get wipe out, increase the points so we are able to upgrade or buy new generals. I will not recommend until those are fix otherwise you are wasting your time and if you use money it is a waste also

Very fun, deeply thought out game! Two things keep me from giving a 5th Star: 1) My progress was deleted when I was at level 12 with 4 generals. I haven't spent any $ on this game so it was only time lost, but still. 2) If the developers make it possible to combine 2 damaged units to make 1 with more health I'll give it a 5 even if it does keep deleting my progress. It's an extremely good game.

Loved it but +EasyTech i played this game on my lenovo but aslo currently play it on my phone is there a way i could put my account i had on my lenovo on my phone? i contributed quite a lot in that account, also can you add the good or bad system? that would make this game 10x more better also i think it would be kinda cool if you made the conquest system in european war similar to the one in World Conqueror 3.

Galaxy S3 Love the game. Hate your company. Never got back to my emails about a purchasing problem with European war 4 and now this game just reset all my data. So I guess I start all over again. BS! If problems continue to occur maybe you should lower the prices on generals due to resets.

This was my most anticipated easytech games l was hyped when l got it but l noticed problems within the game. The German ai loves to use airborne every time l play. And in one of the survival the British ai shows no intelligence at all just gets killed blocks my path or does nothing with is his other units. I dont easytech you are probably my favorite please fix this.

Horrible friendly AI This game would be 100x better if your allies would actually help in the war. I played as one of the allies in 1939 and the axis powers were unstoppable with Germany dominating Europe and Japan crushing Asia and the Soviet Union. Then I played as one of the axis (Spain) and Germany got crushed by Brian and a French comeback, USA made an invasion of Japan and Eastern Asia so now Japan no longer exists. I know own practically own 80% of the world with Asia still left. Plz fix

It's a good game The game is good, but (to me at least) there seems to be some balancing issues with the ally and enemy AI. Which ever side your on, the opposing side is much more aggressive and this could lead to you carrying the entire team at times. And either Medals are to hard to attain or the generals are just to expensive. Other than that, I really like the game.

Great game but... 1. Mission allien is to hard to win 2. Port can't heal ship 3. Allies is dumb 4. Conquest world is not very rewarding it should not reward once per stars 5. Upgrades is too expensive in higher lvl

I Loved this game but............................. Me and my dad play this and we both love it but my dad lost his game progress suddenly and his a little mad at me because I removed his charger. Is there way to recover it? P.S. he even put money into it I will rate 5 if u help me.

Best of best This is one of the games which can be played whenever you want it will entertain you I wish if we could choose our allies and axis but this is not enough to me to take any stars from it you know what this is also an perfect example how we have make progress in weapons it changes from year to year And you know there is one small problem that these types of should have options that if you can attack your allies as well .

AI and diplomacy Well the game is fine, it is like a combination of WC2 and GG. Anyway, the friendly AI is stupid as always. The enemy AI, which is super badass, over use airforce (bombing and paratroopers). The amount of troops are unbalanced. As well as, there are only 2 team. Ally-Axis, Communist - Democrats. Needs few more changes and the game will be perfect

Best game ever Its super super good except... 1)You should have an unlimited amount of turns to conquer the world like in European War. 2)You should be able to upgrade cities like in European War. 3)MAKE A NEW GAME EXACTLY LIKE THIS BUT FOR WW1 OR THE CIVIL WAR

World Conqueror 3 is a newly-developed strategy game released in 2015 by EASYTECH!Commander! War is about to begin. Lead your army and conquer the world!EASYTECH will continue to create the most outstanding war strategy games as always.【Military Career】———————————————–***32 historical Campaigns(3 difficulty levels) and 150 military Tasks***5 Challenge modes to prove your commanding skills and 45 […]

How to use World Conqueror 3 for PC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type World Conqueror 3 for PC in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use World Conqueror 3 for PC on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 49 MB
Instalations 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Score 4.3
Developer EasyTech

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