Weird but fun and addictive It is so weird how everyone has the same number (88).They should change that. But it really is fun. Plus it is so addictive. But they should make more changes. For example they should have an analog stick so you could move your player. You could only cut once in one run. Also you can not cut when you are a receiver. But all but that it is super fun and addictive. They should make more games like this but i would choose madden mobile over this though. But you should check it out still.

Needs more Would like to see weather conditions and prizes slightly upgraded. Earning 5 gold pieces on rare occasions isn't helping much. Also would like to see more plays added. With that said, this game is ok. The tournaments are cool. Just needs a little more to enhance the game. With the limited plays, it gets a little redundant after a few games. Also would be cool if you could go for 2 pt conversions after every score. Definitely needs more plays added.

Concerned All RBs run the same speed. Qbs are the same. Passes are being double teamed alot and the outlet is covered as well. Should be about to pick plays or at least make sense. Example: 4th and inches and a pass play is called. Underrated teams blow out the better team. Draft picks suck. Can never use my franchise player but games to play continue to go down. I get it it's just a phone game but small fixes can do wonders.

Fun...but I like it. Same set up as any other tap sports games, the only thing I would change is the fact you can't audible any time you want. I find that they took a large part of the game away. Other than that it's a solid game and a fun way to spend a little free time.

I was having technical difficulties with the game this week to the point i tried to uninstall and reinstall it and lost all my gold and all my players have to start over again smh I see some improvements in the game still need to get more gold then money but like I said there's big difference now

Need new players in tournament and league New players needed in tournament and league. Tired of playing for same players. I had over355 gold, when I logged in today I only had55. Can something be done ?First thing, will there eventually be a basketball game. Now, As of yesterday I'm not able to play the prime event because it keeps blinking on and off the screen. It's not my phone. Am I the only one experiencing this issue? Can this problem be fixed?

Complete BS All of a sudden my entire team is #88, I have a full prime team but get blown out by the worst teams possible, oh and I get duplicate prime players every week. This game is completely rigged, DON'T SPEND ANY MONEY on it. You'll win when they want you to and lose when they want you to.

It was pretty entertaining at first The game is pretty entertaining in the beginning! You're able to win and hold your own but as you start to move up in rank the game gets more difficult. At this point you should be saving up gold and cash so you can draft better players. At first the player draft concept seems pretty cool. You can't buy the best players and make a super team immediately but once you have spent significant time trying to improve your roster and consistently end up with 1.5 - 2 star players it gets pretty frustrating.

Cheating like the patriots.... Horrible upgrades. Only gives you 1 and 2 star players. You lose more than you win especially if u auto play.....i deleted it. Take screen shots of each opponent that you outrank and every time you lose, send it to IT. This is the most rigged game ive ever played.

Turnovers The turnover rate is ridiculous and unrealistic. I upgraded to the maximum amount so you would think I have the best running backs or QB'S. The running backs fumble without getting hit and if you throw to a receiver that wasn't the first option you throw a pic. Stop ruining a good app

This is a great game. Love it. Just wish that we could play for position players at tournament and league play. Not just what is offered. If I need a defensive tackle, I should be able to play for one. It doesn't have to be easy, but I would like to choose what player I need or want

Would be a fun game if there wasnt so much cheating. They want you to spend $$ on gold to purchase blue chip draft picks guaranteed to get a 4.5 star player in five picks......YEAH RIGHT!!!! What they fail to mention is that your guaranteed to get four 3 star players and one 4.5 star punter or kicker. Would be a good game if it wasnt so lopsided.......BS

Good Game The main problem I have is that I have invested a lot of time into the game and consistently lose to teams I am rated better than in the Prime Events. Its kinda ridiculous. Sometimes its even a blow out. Also the Gold costs for good players are ridiculous. You should also get a position upgrade whenever you use a 1st Overall Draft pick. I finished top 10 in a tourney that runs all weekend, get a #1 pick and its a 3 Star player I can't use.

Fun , addictive but.... Really a 3.5. This game is the one game that I find myself playing more than any other. It was more fun when you are first starting out and building your team up. Gold is too hard to attain and the cost for players are ridiculous. The only other problem that I have is that players aren't being updated enough. Cam Newton who is the best still says 3.5stars but he is a 5 stars in the weekend challenge? I've had him as my starter for 6 months. Outside of that this game is solid and is a good way to pass time

Ads + no customer support Just like real football as in 90% ads and pop-ups, needed customer support and naturally got none. The game itself is fun, but you'll get nowhere unless you break out the cash. There's better free games out there.

Could be a lot better Addicting game, fun to play...but could be better. Sooo hard to get better players with draft picks. I spend gold all the time and get junk players 95% of the time. It gets me upset when i purchase gold and then go for first round draft picks and none of them turn out to be starters. Also in game when you throw to outlet receiver..it tends to throw to the guy double covered instead of throwing it to a receiver that seems to be open..should have more options to throw the ball to your desired target.

Lot of fun Downloaded tap baseball and really enjoyed it, so I thought I'd see how their football game was. It's ok, but would be better if you had more than one receiver to throw to. Also don't know which receiver your outlet pass goes to. Plus, the match-ups are extremely lopsided. They have much work to catch up to their baseball game.

Passing game is very pedestrian! I understand the tap sports concept, but within the passing game, you have only two options: your primary receiver and your outlet. Just so happens that 90% of the time both are double covered while my other receivers run wide open and free. So unless you have a dynamic RB, your offense will be sluggish.

Good look, that's it though. Terrible concept. The defense just runs to the spot of my ONE route. Why can't I decide where to throw the ball or to which receiver? I'd like to fit it in a gap, not wait until the safety is standing in the way. Let me juke/cut after catching the ball. Also, since when is an outlet pass 20 yards down field? It's like a soccer fan designed this. Very limited and very little control over completed passes.

Let's run the Fullback 20+ times a game! Name 1 team that does that! You have a good drive going and all of the sudden the Fullback gets 3 straight handoffs for a total of a yard. Does no good to upgrade Offensive Coordinator because the game still calls dumb plays. Not to mention the obscene amount of turnovers and missed field goals. Not only would the kicker be replaced after the 1st game but he should never be allowed to play the game again. Bottom line, if the game doesn't want you to win, you won't!

Here's how I'd fix some aspects this game. How about a position setting for players you want to draft but, you'd have to select three positions to make up a full draft. Also, if you spend gold on a first rounder the computer should be setup to give you a player that will actually make the team. Fyber, the people who are supposed to cough up the free gold when you take a survey, rarely cough up the free gold. Getting beaten by a team that the computer asks you to show mercy to is grade A BS. Players should be able to make more than one cut also.

So little though went into this, lazy, just lazy... I didn't think it was possible to have the football version of anything be worse than the baseball version. Horrible offensive game, unrealistic, and the passing is rediculous. Just stick to baseball, it's great, you shouldn't be allowed to utter the word football Tap Sports crew.

Fun game but... If it weren't for random fumbles for no reason, at key moments it would be 5 star. Also, seems like there's a hack or something, with teams name zzzzzzz.... Has ups and downs. Also when drafting, should have by position, and no less than 4.5 maybe 4 star in 1st round and #1 pick drafts. Getting a 3 star as a #1 is ridiculous and a waste of gold. Maybe add the ability to trade players too. An update also, customer service is an absolute waste of time. Can't own up to THEIR mistake, or even respond.

No customer help The actual game is entertaining, but has a few bugs, if fixed, it would be awesome... As far as customer help, that's another story. My request for help has fallen on deaf ears. If the cc problems were fixed this would be a five star game.... Can anyone please help me ????+

It's ok? The game is ok. It's not great, but it isn't bad. I like the random players you can obtain so you can't go out and buy the best players right away (ish). Issues I have are some WR routes just don't work. Period. I can only get Kelce to catch them and he's one of two 4.5 star players I have. The other major con I have is I earned free gold through tasks and never got it. I'm still waiting and it's been three days. Reported it in game and everything. kind of annoying to be honest.

Totally unrealistic results Have no idea why they even show team comparison ratings. I've had numerous games where my rating is 50% better than my opponent in every category and they scored on EVERY possession, while I never scored after the second quarter. No team can choose the proper defense every time. I'm seriously considering uninstalling this game altogether.

Decent game with bugs I used gold and there were rewards for using gold that I couldn't gain because it was frozen. Everytime I hit collect, it wouldn't do anything. Should be fixed if you advertise such incentives in pop ups.

The stupidest game ever;!! Don't waste time downloading. Just have to uninstall. Game so retarded I'm not even wasting our time discussing the many flaws.

Tap Football Still needs more work!!!!! There is nothing to breakdown plays? Specially when 15mins goes real quick. Plus ir gets boring without the tweaks neesed. Needs some tweeks like injuries, interchange players, easy access to gold?? More comps.

Great game but getting tired of restarting the ap App keeps closing every time a ad pop up i love the game but i gotta keep restarting the app every time i finish a game or collect gold. Tap baseball doesn't have any of these issues please fix asap will rate 5 stars

Great Game but... It constantly crashes every time an ad comes up. I like the game it's fun and passes time quickly but the crashes are very annoying. I play the tap sports baseball game and never have this problem. Please fix!

U have to spend money I downloaded this game 3 months ago and even tho I won draft picks never got anyone good till I spent money.. hmm it's fun but kinda bs

Started fun but.. I enjoyed this game to start. Regardless of how good your team is it will pair you with people you can't beat, even if you have better team. The game is designed to make you spend money and you still can't win.

Too many ads It's a fun game but there are way too many ads and the app always crashes after the ads. If there were 5x less ads and the app didn't crash every time an ad showed, it would be a 5 star app.

Was good, recent update not so good Every time an ad appears it now crashes and you have to restart the game. Unplayable as is currently. EDIT: now fixed

Too many bad run calls Why does this game INSIST on constantly calling fullback runs that rarely go for positive yards??? Its the most irritating call and should be removed entirely. Otherwise fun and worthwhile. Just PLEASE no more fullback runs for 0 yards on 4th down!!!

Tap Sports Football Upgrades don't seem to affect team when you purchase it. Can't tell which lineman is which for depth and coaching styles. Should be able to in game substitute players for better match up possibilities. Great game though. Substitute players, MAN!

It automatically closes on me. Also the match-ups are unfair. I get matched in random games with people significantly better than me and have no chance of winning.

Could be good...but fails I've been playing for awhile now and both like and HATE this game. Makes you think you are controlling outcome of the game, but it is mostly random. As soon as you run a play it knows what the outcome will be and adjusts accordingly. Example..Passed to a wide open receiver who goes 60 yards and then stops entirely in the middle of the field. Waits for the defender and then fumbles the ball. Fan rewards errors, horrible play analytics, horrible customer service, and now an update that won't allow me to even load past 40 percent have me ready to delete. If they could fix all the glitches I may give an extra star.

Would be 5 if it the app didn't close after ever ad Fun game but everytime i close an ad the whole entire app closes and i have to restart it. Makes it unplayable til that's fixed. Not like you guys will even bother fixing that or reply to my review.

New Feature! Gift your friends by inviting them to play via text/email.Build your top football team using real pro football players then challenge your friends in a complete football experience on your mobile device! Tap Sports Football features simple controls, amazing graphics, exciting plays and real stats giving you the power to create your own […]


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