Sonic CD™ for PC

Awesome game! This is a faithful recreation of the amazing but obscure classic. The choice of both soundtracks is welcome. The widescreen and smooth 60fps make the game much more enjoyable to play (especially the special stages). My biggest issue with the game is that there is no stage select. What if I finished the game and want to replay Stardust Speedway? Why can't I just replay a stage? Other than that, this game is a must buy for any Sonic fan and a solid recommendation to any platforming fan.

Someone knock me out. An actual Sonic game on the mobile. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss! I love how the game looks,sounds,and the games bosses with 3 bosses not included. I love this port. The definitive port of Sonic Cd. I also love the JPN soundtrack. Get this port, it is better and cheaper. The soundtrack is amazing, the graphics are great, and some bosses are interesting and fun to fight. But there is one main complaint I have: The level design in some areas. But despite that I love this port. It's only 3.00 dollars on the android's play store. If any fans of Sonic want to experience Sonic Cd get this port. You won't regret it. Thank you Christian Whitehead. All we need is Sonic 3 and Knuckles to be remastered to complete the Classic Sonic Series. Come on Sega come on.

Sonic CD makes a good future. Sonic CD is a beautiful product. The mobile version fixes all the collision detection issues from the original Mega CD version. Both US & JP soundtracks, unlockable Tails (who can fly, bliss) and alternative physics with no speed cap. Gorgeous looking zones, time travel and the UFO special stages now with a super-smooth frame rate. This is one of best 2d Sonic games ever made.

Fun The controls seem to work fine for me :) very fun to play, and the pinball level is hard but not unbeatable. I beat the game pretty fast considering i never played sonic before. My only problem is that it looks better on my phone than on my tablet. On my tablet it's very pixilated. (if thats even a word) but 5 stars anyways because it's pretty awesome :)

I absolutely love this game! I love everything about this game. It is great. The level design of this game is great. The music is great. This is my favourite classic sonic game behind sonic 3 and knuckles. I've completed every save file and I've deleted another one just to get the time stones. This is the only thing I can criticise about this game. It is really hard to get the time stones in the special stages. I didn't mind the first 5 but the 6th and 7th are really hard! If only they were easier...

Surprisingly Good! SONIC BOOOOM Excellent soundtrack, crazy levels, and some decent yet unique time travel gimmicks mixed into classic sonic akin to the earlier Genesis titles. A bit more colorful than Sonic 1 and 2. Not as detailed as Sonic3. The only downside is some of the boss fights felt too easy.

Kudos to Taxman! It runs and plays better than it did on the Sega CD and has polish on every single device I tested it on. One thing I'd like to add is that when playing with a USB or Bluetooth controller (but not the MOGA for some reason) the on-screen controls don't disappear. It would be nice to see the entire play field unrestrained a la Sonic 4 Episode II.

Excellent game... ...and just like the original with added features and options, bringing it to the 21st century. Cannot beat the original formula of classic sonic! If this supported fullscreen immersive mode for devices that use software onscreen buttons and maybe Google play games support like Sonic 2, I would rate 6/5.

One of the best Sonic games! The Game works perfectly good. No problems whatsoever. There are plenty of options to choose from, including being able to change the JP music track to the great U.S. soundtrack. This game first appeared on the Sega CD attachment onto the Sega Genesis Model one and two in 1993. For those complaining that there aren't any Nintendo games on here is that Nintendo isn't a third party company and obviously won't put any of their games on here. Why would they put their game on a different system that isn't theirs

Good Remake of SEGA's Console Classic. I was always an "aficio-Mario" as my parents bought the original 8-bit NES. My cousin had SEGA's original console (which I can't remember the name of...), so I was also exposed to the Sonic universe. Mario was my main man, but I admittedly dug the faster-paced Sonic too. With time, I forgot about Sonic while Nintendo kept releasing excellent Mario games. So when I, 2-3 years back, found Sonic CD for Android, I was sold. It was the BEST platform game for Android, and still is! Highly recommended!

AMAZING!! I wanted some kind of Sonic game that has lots of action and possibilities, so I turned my head to sonic 1 and 2... they didn't work. So I bought this game. I was shocked on how good this was! The controls are amazing the graphics are amazing! But that creepy sound test page with weird Sonics on them...Still... this is a keeper! By the way is actually kind of sad.... watching the green zones be destroyed by robotnik... I WILL GET MY REVENGE!!!!! Lol

Really good! This game is really good! Just can you make it easier to get sound test and level select? Because with time trial that's almost exactly the same thing as level select but you can't use tails. If you do that, that would be great and I'll give you five stars for every comment I give you!(for your other games that you made) Hope you do that! Oh and can you fix the bug in the final level those little bugs that shoot lazers every time I try to hit then they don't die ok? Thanks!

Supersonic This is pretty much a perfect conversion of Sonic CD, made better by the addition of Tails and choice of soundtrack (JPN s/track = best 90's Sonic music...ever). Admittedly, the control system isn't perfect. Trying to press 'up', sometimes you'll hit 'left' or 'right' by mistake. Apart from that, this is easily my fave Sonic game on Google play. 5*

Classic game, great remake This is how you do a remake correctly. Christian Whitehead's new engine works perfectly for this game. The zones look amazing in HD, and I really have to give props to Sega and Whitehead. The physics are just the same as the original, if not a little better. And did I mention the 60FPS Special Stages, unlockables such as Tails, full cutscenes, and classic Spindash?

UNBELIEVABLELY MEGA DRIVE I thought nothing could beat the original sonic the hedgehog cd game man I was wrong I completed this without the time stones. The controls make me feel like I'm on my uncle's mega drive I like the look of light blue original sonic it suits the fastest thing alive better. One of the best things about the game is that sonic can run as fast as he can in recent years. The sound is amazing I know that sonic4 episode 1 is the best sonic game on the samsung galaxy note 10.1. But this is a perfect balance of the 90's and the 2010's so now I think about it this IS THE BEST SONIC GAME EVER AND YOU SHOULD BUY IT RIGHT NOW! !!!!!!!!

Well ported classic While I can see how the button response might be off occasionally on some devices, I haven't had any trouble with that, and was able to beat the boss with the pinball flippers in two tries. Gotta watch where you're hitting the jump button on screen, I found that while trying to make the flippers go my thumb kept creeping up off the button. Overall, this is an amazingly ported game, just as awesome as the original Sega CD classic!

Awesome! I love this game! However, I noticed one major bug. Even with all of the time stones, I will still sometimes fight a boss in the bad future. No matter how many times I exit, the zone won't correct itself. Also, I have the new MOGA HERO Power controller, and the left analog stick doesn't do anything for this game, so I'm stuck using the D-pad. Could you please fix?

Satisfactory at best Controls aren't anything to write home about. Lack of between level saving is a disappointment. Am I sad I bought this game? No. Decent purchase for what I would have spent on McDonalds anyways. May as well use an emulator honestly though, at least that way you would get Bluetooth controller support and save states.

Whoa! Nice game you got, SEGA! I've been a Sonic the Hedgehog fan since 2011, and I love this so much! But can you please port S3&K onto mobile devices? Also, make more ports. Port Sonic 2 and S3&K to Nintendo 3DS, Sonic 2, Sonic 1, and S3&K to PS Vita, there's alot of ports you have to make! But Sonic CD was seriously awesome!

Fantastic, with plenty of challenges. As a diehard sonic fan I knew I had to grab this. This is a great port of the original. And has less glitches than it's PC port, mainly the soundtrack and lag. But thanks to the team making sure this version was good, I haven't encountered any bugs. So if you're a fan of fast platformers, time travel, plenty of challenge, and that one and only blue hedgehog sonic. This is definitely for you!

Reignited my love of the blue hedgehog I was never lucky enough to have a Sega CD as a kid so I jumped at the chance to finally play this game. It was like finally having the sequel I've been waiting for since Sonic and Knuckles. Speaking of Knuckles, any chance we can get an update with Knuckles as a playable character? The top notch ports of Sonic 1 and 2 that followed this release have spoiled me and the red echidna has always been my favorite :)

A great, faithful remake, better than the original. Sonic CD, for the longest, was a very obscure Sonic game. It began on SEGA CD, a console that tends to wear out nowadays, then on PC, which that version tends not to work on newer PC's without patching, then the hard to find version on Sonic Gems Collection. This version makes it easy to get ahold of, and portable at that, with both soundtracks and improved controls. The only thing I wish for is DLC or and update that allows you to play as Knuckles the Echidna, and maybe Desert Dazzle. I would pay for that.

Go Away, One-Star Folks Don't skip, you'll miss out. This is the definitive version of Sonic CD. You probably already know of the immediate features advertised, so let me explain the lesser-known awesome stuff that you will definitely appreciate: Beat the game, unlock Tails to play as; Control Sonic like you would in Sonic 2 or Sonic CD; Extended US and Japanese soundtracks; restored unused content. If you haven't bought this game yet and find it for less than $5, don't say no. Get it. Also, there's nothing wrong with the "pinball stage" I. E. Collision Chaos Zone 3. It was as hard as it was in the original. Babies.

Classic My favourite Sonic game ever, on a decent port. It looses a star though because the game is so sluggish! Why? The demo was perfect but the full version runs only at half-speed sometimes! Please please fix! It would be perfect otherwise.

Better with age... Christian Whiteheads (Taxman) is a programming genius. It's one thing to make a Sonic engine... It's another to remake a Sonic engine flawlessly, with no original code to source from. Game is better than it was on any other version, I've played them all.

Impressive Very good port. Enhanced graphics and the controls are quite impressive. At first I thought the touch screen was going to be hard to use for a sonic game but they are very lenient on where you put your finger so pinpoint accuracy isn't needed! Includes both soundtracks.

It's a decent port but needs some things This version of Sonic CD is very nice don't get me wrong. but there are a few issues. one such issue is that it doesn't play nice with actually exiting the app and loves to hang around in your backgrounded tasks. Another thing is unless I am doing something wrong, I do not see a way to pause the game. The back button maps as a jump button so it won't let you pause that way. Please give us a better way to pause the game besides hitting home or hitting the sleep/power button. Also No more hanging in the background. Sonic 1 and sonic 2 don't do it so why does Sonic CD?

This is seriously the greatest Sonic game Sega has ever made and the mobile version manages to somehow make it even better. But please make Metal Sonic a playable character. That's the only thing I think this game lacks and I'm quit sure that it would make for a very popular input. Unless this game is too far along for Sega to even care considering anymore updates to this game...

Why can't I hide the d pad and A button? I would give this five stars except for that I can't hide the D oad and A button when using an external Bluetooth controler... Weird choice on the developers part... I would LOVE THIS thing if it were for that. I suppose I'll still play it,but I wouldn't have bought it If I had known that.

Bad Terrible level design, sound, badniks, boss levels and bosses themselves , seems that someone put the Sonic 1 contents in a blender and Sonic CD came out of it. The past/future feature makes no sense and is not needed to the game play and again the design is just too bad. Releasing Sonic 1 and 2 for Android was excellent, how about releasing Sonic 3 and Knuckles, the best 2D platform game ever? That would certainly worth the price tag you guys slapped on this disastrous app.

Amazing! I never was able to get the sega cd/32x add on for the genesis so sadly I missed out on sonic CD from my childhood years. Now though I finally get my chance to experience this game but not only with the us soundtrack but also with the original jp soundtrack too! It's really bringing my inner child out with the sheer amazement of the sound and graphics. The game is a little different from the sonics before it yet its welcoming. It's the mid 90's all over again for me and I love it! Thank you Sega!

Trying to download from resources. Downloaded and installed the app on my Samsung TAB A7 and it keeps saying it needs to download from resources. Does not get any further. Need this to be fixed or I will ask for the payment back...

Slow after update I really enjoyed this game but following today's update the game has become frustratingly slow. The title animation, game play, everything has slowed considerably to the point where the game is unplayable (this is a sonic game!). Would definitely appreciate this issue being addressed. Galaxy GS3.

The Classics are the best Great game. The classics never get old. Sonic CD is probably my favorite game in the first Sonic games released from 1991 to 1994. Add Sonic 3 & Knuckles and I think you guys will be set. BTW excellent soundtracks!

Ehh The harsh reality is Sonic CD is one of the most overrated games in an already over-rated franchise. Aside from outstanding audio and pretty visuals, the game doesn't do much more than what Sonic 1-3 already did, except for very poor level design

Simply a blast (process) I have no problems whatsoever when I'm running this game. The controls are smooth as expected and the replayability is phenomenal with the purchased version with Tails, Time Attack mode, and the extra content (seriously, this game is well worth the money and then some). I hands down strongly recommend this game any day! Oh, and for those who claim the second boss in Collision Chaos is unbeatable, it's not. Keep trying though

This Android version of Sonic CD needs an update badly. Fix it, Sega I love this game. You guys need to update it to match with my lollipop 5.0. Also, fix up on Sonic's jump sound effect as he jumping around hurting my ears and fix up the mechanical problems of Sonic to match his Sonic 1 and 2 counterparts to make it an very balance and fluid gaming experience. Thanks Sega! Bring back Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Pay Michael Jackson's estate to bring back the music again. stop being cheap, Sega!!!

Best App Ever!! Amazing classic great to have on your phone especially when bored or if you have to wait somewhere. If game runs slowly hold down samsung button and delete previous app history impove phone perfomance greatly aswell if this fails reboot phone a couple of times app may need to be restated a couple of times aswell. THIS SHOULD FIX ALL ISSUES IF NOT IT MEANS YOUR PHONE HAS TOO MUCH ON IT AND YOU WILL NEET TO DELETE AND UNINSTALL UNNESSISARY APPS AND FILES.

Excellent Sonic CD is the only 2D Sonic game I missed out on as a kid, so I was very happy to discover that the game has been made widely available on modern platforms. Runs flawlessly on the Nexus 7. The help menu includes essential information. The extra options and unlockables are a nice touch. Probably the best $3 I've ever dropped on a video game.

Incredibly cool! I love the option to choose which soundtrack. My only suggestion would be to make quitting the game easier. Currently when you exit the game through the pause menu, you have to sit through the intro again and then quit from the main menu.

Fight the past to save the future in this enhanced recreation of Sonic CD!In order to put an end to Dr. Eggman’s nefarious schemes, Sonic must use the power of Little Planet to travel through time; breaking Dr. Eggman’s hold over the future by destroying his machines in the past and recovering the missing Time […]

How to use Sonic CD™ for PC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Sonic CD™ for PC in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Sonic CD™ for PC on your PC or MAC.


Price 299
App Size 262 MB
Instalations 100,000 - 500,000
Score 4.1
Developer SEGA

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