Seabeard for PC

It's amazing! This game is very fun! I can't believe how big the world is, or that there are so many little games to do, for a free game! (Or at least it was when I bought it?) It feels a lot like Animal Crossing, with a bit extra. Though it offers microtransactions, you can earn money and pearls in the game quickly enough that I've never felt frustrated to need to purchase them. It's a mildly paced game, and I like just playing it for about an hour a day to relax. Highly recommended!

The pearls Everything costs pearls. At least if you want to continue the main story line. Buildings take forever to build. The pets are also an issue. They should cost pearls, but not so many. They're way too expensive. However, the game has a great way of earning pearls but it's becoming easier to spend them rather than wait and collect them. Other than that, the game is really cute and so much like the phone version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It's just what I had hoped for!

Clearing your land? I love this game, and I didn't expect to. The graphics though . So cute, all the townspeople are cute, and the missions are well thought out! The game is focused on one big mission - to repair your own island - but the structure of the game places it above the rest (like say, Farmville). Even the sailing challenges are nice. Just don't like how expensive it is to get boulders, trees, and roots out of the way. I haven't gotten a single remover from all of my sailing challenges. Besides that, I am in love :)

So much unused potential! I'll start with the good: this game is really well polished and has a lot of fun aspects to it. This game is better polished than games I've played money for and I would pay money for a game like this if not for 1 thing: In-app purchases. This game is impossible to play without absurd amounts of dedicated time or infinite money to speed progress with in-app purchases. I would definitely pay for this game ($5 or more) if they would just remove all pay2win "features". This game could be the animal crossing of mobile devices, but it isn't because they wasted all the game's potential on microtransactions

Awesome Game (DEVS PLEASE READ) Its my favourite game and it's AWESOME. Only small issues are that there arent enough ways to get money and as building the manor or other structures take a very long time to save up money for. One more is that expanding the backpack costs too much for just 5 more slots. Other wise is a very awesome and addictive game.

Is this game abandoned? I really enjoyed this game it was really well done, even though it was hard to progress through the game. I have not seen an update in a long time and there is no new information on the fan page. I wanted to see what happens when I unlock everything but even the top players don't have everything unlocked making me think that it's unobtainable. Not only that but now I can't even connect to play anymore.

Love, love, love this game! Entertainment for hours especially later in the game, there's always something to do and if you play smart everything respawns fairly quick. It does take a while to build up coins or pearls but thats because it's a game meant to be played for more than just a couple days before beating it. Only issue is that recently I noticed the furniture in the houses on my island has been dissappearing without me moving it and it doesn't end up back in my inventory.

Amazing! Super fun and addicting. There's something new to do every day. Sometimes its a bit hard to get money, but its suppose to be a game that you can't finish in a week, which is good. It also makes me super happy that there are ways to get premium currency (pearls) most games dont have that.

Fun Game, But Not If You Don't Have Patience. This game is super fun. The quests are cool and the animation is very cute and unique. But it costs so much to build/buy anything that you sometimes have to spend weeks to save enough without any in-app purchases. Mini-quests seldom reward very much and the actual storyline quests require thousands of coins most of the time. Very frustrating.

Could be better The graphics, gameplay and almost everything about this game is perfect, and as others have pointed out, it's a lot like Animal Crossing. There are no glitches or ads and that's great, but it's way too hard to get dynamite or explosive barrels. Not only are the medium or hard difficulty challenges rare, but getting the needed prizes almost never happen. At some point you can't progress anymore, because you have nowhere else to build, since you can't get the obstructions out of the way. Please change that!

Pretty Good Game is pretty addictive. It's slow if you don't hop on a few times a day. Time of day and day of week in game is in real-time. A nice cross between harvest moon and animal crossing. I enjoy it, though the races for me are a bit hard to getting used to. The more you play the more you build. A good game for both kids and adults.

IF YOU LOVE CAUSAL RPG, TRY SEABOARD NOW!!!! If you love Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing please try this game. Don't miss a rare gem! it's very well-planned, + the microtransactions are non game breaking. You will enjoy a wonderful adventure while exploring the beautifully crafted world that is Seabeard. On this adventure you'll amass your own island and village while completing quests for characters through out the game. The controls are simple and provide fun play for any type of gamer. My only complaint is not being able to be a female as my friend wants to role play it!

Fun but prepare to spend real money I really like it. It's fun, great to look at and different BUT things are starting to cost WAY to much. I only have maybe 300 coins and my next building requires 2500!! That's a lot of $20 fish to sell. It needs to cost less or I need to make more money by selling or sailing. Also, things should respawn quicker. Takes a while to get things back after I select them.

Don't judge an app by it's icon!!! This game is SO cute and fun. Definitely a game enjoyed by all ages, male or female. It feels like a game that should cost money. The pictures and description don't do it justice. I'm so glad I decided to try this! The gameplay is so crisp and clean. It Combines the best of action, building, traveling and quests all in one. Easy to play, yet allows you to challenge yourself. I don't ever get bored there is always something to do or accomplish. The second best game I have ever downloaded on Google Play. Download and try this game! You'll be sucked in because it appeals to every kind of gamer! The best part is you aren't bombarded with ads. Thank you to the creators of this game. I am a 22 year old mommy and I have been waiting for a game with non-lagging 3D graphics and never ending adventure!

A pretty and nice game. Not sure if I've played this game long enough but it seems like an excellent analogue of the Animal Crossing to me by it's gameplay. And I haven't notice any pay-to-win elements so far. Graphics are fine and I didn't experience any lags or freezes yet either. Keep up the good work!

It's cute but.... I would like it lot better if you didn't have to have an internet connection to play it. There's really no need of that. Plus you only get 20 inventory spaces to start with and paying the 50 pearls only gets you 5 more spaces. The warehouse everyone talks about is 1800 coins. A bit pricy since most things you can sell are only 15-30 coins. The idea is good but it needs a lot of work.

Game won't load anymore. It says I'm not connected to the internet, but I'm am because I can do everything else on the net. Why must we have an Internet connection to play? I thought I was the only one,but others are having the same problem. I'm not having this issue on my iPad, it runs perfectly fine. The phne that I have is Galaxy Note 3 running Android 5.0, for reference. Please fis this, I love this game. I was pretty far in, too.

Make getting coins a tad bit easier Either make it so that you get morw coins per mission or give way more missions. You get an average of about 30 coins a mission. thats not enough when you have buildings costing 4000 coins. In other words its designed so that one may spend their hard earned cash. I dont mind spending money, but i do mind games that you cannot succeed in without doing so.

LOVE IT Little bit of Animal Crossing and LOZ: WIndwaker combined to make a interesting, fun and cute game. Feeling like the money to time ratio is abit off but if you don't mind spending around 5 or dollars to start you off then you should be fine for the most part.

Oh my. Even though it has those blasted pearls this game is amazing in almost every aspect! This game is loaded with a mixture of: great graphics, awesome story/quests, daily missions, realistic time and day/night cycle, an exciting living breathing world full of animals and characters. Free-roam like, city building, and adventure gameplay, farming, fishing, cooking, etc, monster fighting, mini games, customizing, and tons of huge detailed islands. AMAZING JOB!!! This game is awesome! But please make it paid and take out the pearls and wait times. As a game designer myself I know it brings in more money then iap. Also please add joysticks in an upcoming update. Great job Backflip Studios Inc..

No longer connects I was playing this game everyday for a couple months and I enjoyed it very much because it reminds me of Animal Crossing. However a few months ago, upon startup of the game it no longer connects and will not load. I enjoyed the game when it worked, but I may have to delete it since there has not been a fix pushed in months. If it worked, this game would receive 5 stars. Edit: I had to uninstall and reinstall the game in order for it to load, however now, months later it is having the same issue.

Best game ever :) Like animal crossing but way better. Lots of missions. The only thing to change is please get other ways to make money or up the amount you get when you complete a mission. I sell lots of food at the food stall and at the fish stall and complete several missions a day and I seem to spend more on buildings ect. Than I make. But all together two thumbs up. I am so addicted to this game. Would love for more updates and new islands or lands ect. Thank you :)

I love this game but.. I'm debating on uninstalling it. While it's fun, everything is super expensive. Like to buy another crew house is 2500 coins and that's not even to make it, which I know will cost you as well. To rebuild 1 Manor cost 4000 coins. Even selling all the fish that I can catch and the food that I make, I'm still not making money very quickly. I can't imagine how much stuff is going to cost later on! It feels like this app was designed to make you spend a lot of your real money just to get anywhere in the game.

Animal Crossing for Android This game was released on iOS a while back and I have been waiting ever since for a Android release. I am writing this review on the day of release and I love this game. The visuals are like nothing I have ever seen on mobile or anywhere else, they are simply gorgeous. In Seabeard you can build up your small town with houses and shops, visit other islands, take part in quests, hire other 'staff', level up, buy items, customise your character and take part in sailing mini games. Animal Crossing + RPG.

Wanted to love it Really wonderful concept, beautifully designed world with cute characters. That being said, the amount of work required to receive very few coins is ridiculous and the pearls are just way too much. I would gladly pay for this game to have full features for everything unlockable by coins and entirely remove the pearl blackmail system.

How do you expect me to play it? It's a really really fun game... But I just can't connect at times.... And just now, after all this while when I finally got to connect, the game tells me I'm offline, kicks me out... Whereas im able to visit other sites and play other games easily.... Fix this whole internet issue.

fun and engaging Really like this game, boat load of things to do, there's quests, just started but I think there's some crafting , cooking and sword fighting on the way and spelunking? XD. Would have loved if the exploring energy replenishes a bit faster, kinda slow, you know... and pearl prices is quite expensive.

Amazing Game Please Update This game is great, and I rarely review games/apps. It's easily one of my favorite phone games. The only thing I wish would happen is some updates. I know you all are enjoying your dragon game but please don't let this game die.

Stopped launching! I was playing this game everyday, it is very grindy but can be fun, that is up until it completely fails to launch. I put a large amount of time into seabeard and wish I could keep playing. I am very glad that I didn't waste any money by purchasing anything in game and I have since moved on to play Evocreo.

Addictive, but a bit slow. Money has not been necessary for me so far, but if you're not patient it will be. Quests, fish, and crafting materials need to respawn a bit more quickly to keep my interest. That being said; the game is cute, well done, and puts a new spin on games like Animal Crossing. I would be down to buy a full version of the game that would allow things to move along at a more reasonable pace, but I'm not very keen on the whole pay-to-progress more naturally model.

Would be so much better if it would reward you with more money. You spend 2000 and you get 20 back. It's so slow to make money and it makes it impossible to buy the building. All the rewards from quests are very low as well. You make a pancake and get 5 coins in return when it takes forever to make. Could be better if updated and changed just a bit.

Great App and fantastic customer service This is a great app for all ages. Similar to Animal Crossing but not at the same time. If you ever have any problems with the app, I suggest contacting their support. They are awesome people working behind the scenes, and their help is rather quick!

Wow. ☺ When I first saw this game , not going to lie I thought it was pretty stupid. I decided to try it out anyway. Turns out its amazing! ❤ I love this game so much. But since it was the icon that kind of turned me off it in the first place, you should probably change that. Also it would be awesome if it could be played offline. I recommend this game to anyone who likes games like poptropica and zelda.

It's a nice little game similar to animal crossing. However, the sailing should be more optimal, it isn't very entertaining. Takes a long time to build and craft, also time constraints like the farm being open only for certain hours isn't great. I don't mind buying pearls, but for more meaningful things. Overall it is one of the better games out there for mobile. It's lovely, looks great, runs great. Plus it's easy to pick up and play with on and off. Not a huge drain on battery either, which is nice :-)

Awesome graphics, good storyline and immersive gameplay. The best game in play store for me. Just a few glitches but I hope it would get fixed sooner or later. Can I make a request? Can you guys lessen the value of gold coins when buying something like trader houses and stalls. I usually take a week or two just for saving money to buy those and please add customization feature for the characters. I couldn't wait to unlock the Doza Seas Map. Thank you for creating this game.

Missing game feel It's missing the true game feel. Wish it was more adventures and funfilled from the start. As always, the first few minutes of any game is what players depend to play along more. But the first impression in this game, was missing a lot. It was too boring to travel islands and coming back sooo many time. But overall concept isn't that bad so, keep up. Good luck

Great fun Was waiting for this app to release on Android and so far so good it's a bit like animal crossing, more people Should check this game out. The only complaint I have is the cost of things and upgrades also the time it's a bit to much. Please maybe shorten these two things down and I'll be on a lot more I'm sure other people as well.

Questions. I love this game its so fun and easy to navigate. However, ive been stuck, literally stuck on this taxi quest for MONTHS. months. I check everyday all the time and i have only had one person need a taxi. Is this a glitch or what? Otherwise i absolutely love this game its super cute and a good way to pass time

Bug & Suggestions Whenever I fish at Dorado Mine, the fish near Smuggler's Den always freezes and I can't catch it, please fix this bug. Also, Hard and Medium sailing mini games do not reward enough when completing bronze or silver tier. Otherwise it is a good game :)

Cute fun game The only thing I don't like is how I can't play the game offline, otherwise it's great so far. It takes elements from classic titles such as Animal Crossing and brings it to life in a charming Wind Waker-ish world. It's nice and relaxing for the most part, some of the minigames can be pretty tricky though. If you guys read the reviews, please implement a working offline solution.

Follow in the footsteps of the great captain Seabeard and discover a giant ocean teeming with islands to explore! Live life at your own pace and choose your own path – whether you have ambitions of being a world-famous chef, fearless archaeologist, or deadly warrior, you can realise those dreams.Awarded “Game of GDC” by Touch […]

How to use Seabeard for PC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Seabeard for PC in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Seabeard for PC on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 92 MB
Instalations 500,000 - 1,000,000
Score 4.3
Developer Backflip Studios, Inc.

We don't provide APK download for Seabeard for PC but, you can download from Google Play

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