Rogue: Beyond The Shadows for PC

This is no ordinary developer and this is no ordinary game. I LOVE CODESTALKERS! For the FIRST time EVER with any developer, I brought an issue to them and THEY ACTUALLY LISTENED! For me, there are 3 aspects that encompass a good game experience as a whole: 1: The Game Itself. 2: MOGA Enhancement and Mapping. & 3: Customer Service. Codestalkers has all aspects covered. MOGA controller enhancement improved! Customer Service experience was great. And, most importantly, the game itself is excellent. With that said, don't rest, Codestalkers. It can always be even better. (Still more can be done with controller enhancements.) Jordi: You're the best!

Great game but still needs a few things Love the game good graphics and story so far! One of my issues is could you fix the remove ads I've paid for it but it still shows it on my screen unless I'm online. I don't have internet all the time and when I do play offline I would like to be able to take advantage on what I paid for. Also it would be great if you could be able to ride horses and such and the last thing is the Dragon seems too hard to beat I like the challenge but by the time I even do any damage I'm already halfway dead. Thanks!

INSANELY GOOD GAME but THE GAME IS FREAKIN BEAST, its medieval, has good graphics, has good story line, and ita fukin fun. Get it now, ok here's what the but was for, I think that the creater sgould allow you to sell items in your Inventory for gold, please add this I think people will like this alot. OH AND ADD MORE TO THE GAME... IT GETS BORING ONCE U BEAT IT...

Purchased. No longer playable. I liked the look enough I paid to remove ads, and even bought in game monies to buy a weapon. Not 5 minutes later my game is completely black except for my toon. I have sent a report through the community option....No response. After spending roughly 10 dollars on a free game, I feel pretty gyped. 1 star.

Liked it a lot... Good graphics... The hit detection is on point. Runs smooth as silk on my HTC One... The only reason I'm giving this a 4* and not 5 was the difficulty curve is a bit on the steep side... Maybe add a few different difficulties? Almost made me throw my phone a few times... Lmao. But all that aside, I appreciate the time and obvious love you took while making this game...hell, maybe you guys should dabble in pc or console games too... Lol

Excellent Game Quite tough to beat, graphics music & gameplay (works with Moga) very good. Ends rather suddenly and mentions you can continue doing quests however you cannot get back out of the last Dungeon. Would have rated 5* if I could continue unfinished quests.

Wow! Awesome! This game really has a PS2 RPG feel to it, plus it is open world! Great graphics, just too bad that I don't have an official gaming tablet to fully appreciate them. Only complaint I have is that there should be additional armor to obtain rather than only weapons, but maybe in the next one if there is a sequel. Overall, 5 stars! AWESOME game!

Exelent I win the game all 40 levels. I play every mission go everywhere in game see every detail. I enjoy so much this game and I never need to buy nothing in the game store to make the game more easy just farming in the hard places they drop good items and upgrades. I love to play it like a rogue specialization and is the only way to pass a mission in the cave whit special shadow step in the back of enemy's. One of the best game I play for android. I waiting for second part of the game I hope developers make it.

horrible controls There's no excuse for a game this dependent on precise maneuvering to have movement controls this aggressively bad. They even *MOCK* the player by explicitly stating in the very first line of the manual that it has a better type of controls than it actually does (tap-here-to-go-here vs this worthless virtual joystick).

Could've been a really good game The graphics and the premise is nice. But the game is too hard at the get go. The very first monsters you encounter takes about 10 hits before you kill em its frustrating!

Could have been decent But after encountering my first enemy and having to bash the shite out of him about 35 times, where as he could easily kill me in about 5 (and the health potions do F all) this game is just frustrating. Coupled with the annoying ad-band (which is placed on the goddamn enemy health bar, nice one!), slightly jerky controls and the fact you have to pay to drop items (game is NOT free) I could only warrant 2 stars, mostly because this feels like it could have been awesome, but some fool botched it up.

Out of bounds My character is stuck out of the map and restarting does not load me back in. Will have to lose all saved progress and restart. Do not like this kind of issue on an app I paid for. Will change my rating if I find a way to continue because I will not be restarting. Great game if it works, but unplayable if you have to restart the entire game randomly.

Looks like fun but crash on launch I restarted my phone after install and before trying to play, I have a Droid Turbo, well over minimum specs to play this...haven't seen an update on this game for awhile though...any help would be appreciated

Cant play Also getting the "something terrible has occurred" "can't mount obb" error on startup. Lookin for good rpg games for my moga not too many options, i hope you can fix this. Using a zte quartz, i reinstalled, rebooted phone, downloaded from google play store.

No fun to play I will say the game looks nice but thats about it. Combat in pixel dungeon is less slow and clunky than in rogue

The graphics look great but... It force closes back to the main screen after it finishes loading. I restarted my phone and uninstalled and reinstalled and still does the same thing. I got it because I recently got a MOGA controller and it looked interesting. Please fix this I would love to check it out.

Seems like a decent game, but ads are blocking important info. The gameplay seems good from the couple of minutes I played but not being able to see enemy health/face and the fact that the developers didn't foresee/consider that issue is pretty annoying and make the game much more difficult to play. If you have to include ads, please put them on the main screen and not at the top of the screen while you're playing.

Ya...should be called "from beyond the grave" This game sucks...reason for 2 stars is cuz it has nice graphics. But plan on dying, dying, dying, dying... There's no self healing (You need potions or food which you CANNOT buy...must be found on mobs). Mobs do not stop chasing you, meaning if accidentally train 4 gnolls back to town, they will camp your spawn spot (relentless deaths). The only thing the store sells are swords for 5k if you use weapon rogue you have to find projectiles on mobs. Greed sucks

Good game. Now there's an awful lot of whining going on about unlocking ads and iaps. 2.00 is very reasonable. No issues with the game. Except long load time. Haha the rest is my playing style. Might be fun to develop some levels for. I might just do that. Cheers!

If it would actually work Tried to run this game on a Note 4 but the game crashes 3 seconds after starting up, you need to fix this in order to get a better rating, and I meet the minimum specs I checked

No bugs or errors for me The usual "run and fetch" and "kill x monsters" quests. Apart from that it's quite good. ---- Agree with others that DROPPING ITEMS are NOT AVAILABLE in demo, is a very bad choice from developers.

Won't work on a Note 4 or Galaxy Tab S2 Force closes and won't open. Wish I could play this. Looks like fun. And yes, I rebooted my phone and tablet

Good game but... I'd like to play it more and give it a better star rating. I like the game play, the music, stealth hits are hard and challenging, the free fighting as opposed to turn based fighting. NOT being able to drop any item in my inventory UNLESS I pay money to remove non intrusive ads or pay money to increase the backpack's capacity is a dirty trick. I am very close to deleting it and not willing to try anything else you make if a FREE game requires money to make it playable. In response to my comment; I'd play more if I wasn't so frustrated with a full backback full of crap and weapons I no longer want to use. I LIKE the game!! I don't like not being able to drop inventory or selling inventory. I can only get rid of my backpack useless stuff if I pay money to get rid of ads. That's B.S !!

MOGA controller won't work Downloaded game cause it advertised as working with my moga controller. However it does not. Probably have to remove ads but how do I know if it will work at all once I I pay

Love it but it hurt me! Loaded the next game screen and im under the map. I can move but not on the playing field just under it. I put a little money into it so I would not want to loose my lv. 10 character. Thanks for a really great game! Be back as soon as adjustments are made. Thanks Andy Ps I've made numerous attempts to resolve these issues with no response..I'm reporting and getting a refund..DON'T DOWNLOAD!!! WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!

Love it It's a bit hard but overall a very great game with nice graphics, but it is very expensive and developer should know that every body can't bye an in app sword for real money. But it works for me so, thumbs up

Good graphics but...yah, die and die again.. Like "Dark Souls" on android, nice graphics! BUT....kind of lacking of normal combos and no dodge, roll or sumthing to avoid enemy'll end up dying all over again. Well...thankfully, no items or coins will gonna be lost when you die. And its kind of hard to finnish the missions...the map are lacking of info or whatever..but still, it's a nice game.

Waste of time You get a little ways in then realize you can't pick up or get rid of any more items

Ummm please help The three stars I give are according to the looks of the game in the screenshots and the look of the start menu . I would love to play but the initial loading screen causes the app to force close itself . My phone isn't the best but I know it has the power to play it because I have played modern combat 3 with no problem ... I'm keeping the game in hope that I will be able to play it someday :)

Fun RPG It plays fine on my Samsung Galaxy S3. Once you figure out how to escape the boneyard, the town interaction then gets interesting, and later defeat the dragon!

Game seems like it would be decent if the servers weren't always busy so you can't buy items or spend real money to purchase gold coins. I seriously doubt you can beat the game with the little sword you start out with. If the servers work I would totally play this game.

PROBLEM!!!! The game lags and then suddenly freezes. Then later it works alright and then it automatically quits the game without any warning and goes to my tab's menu. Please help I even restarted my tab after downloading the game.

supports moga but not shield? i made the flawed assumption that, like most games with moga support, the shield was also supported... appears not to be the case. makes no sense. might be good, but i wont be reaching across the controls to mash on the screen to find out. disappointing.

Won't start Would like to give a good review, but it crashes as soon as I open it. Rebooted phone tried it again same thing. Using a Galaxy Edge so phone meets specs for game, please help!

Well it doesn't work anymore I was enjoying the game, even spent $4 to unlock it. Note it no longer saves. It crashes each time. Also the chasing enemies are somewhat ridiculous. Some things seem impressions too. I'm trying to find this Belladonna stuff. Well I've found 7 of 10 pieces and I've never seen a single piece I've collected. Needs some design work.

Won't start up. Downloaded it tried to run it, and it force closes immediately. I've tried restarted my note 4, deleted it and downloaded it again still doesn't work.

Trolling from developers Quite possible some of the snottiest reviews on every point to reviews of the game, people have issues with it and the devs bash them over the head on every point. Here you go codejunkies, your game is terrible and you should probably stay in your basements so people dont have to deal with your horrible attitudes, either help the people or stfu, it doesnt change your rati g to reply w some bs off the cuff retort.

Disappointing Freemium games should be banned but of course greed out weighs quality. Do not download this game unless you're prepared to pay for every little thing you do. Garbage...

Won't load Won't load at all, won't get past the initial start up page. Keeps crashing and by the looks of the graphics I'd really like to try it. And yes I've tried rebooting it, several times. I'm running a Samsung note 4, Please see what's going on and fix it. Thanks.

The ads shouldn't get In The way The ads shouldn't get in the way of the enemy's health when its popped up and there should be a way too get rid of it even if you can t pay to have it removed

“The title was developed with love to offer what is best in RPG on mobile platforms” –”Perfect for those looking for some fun-oriented and a good story with clear objectives, and a fluid-filled action gameplay one” –”Codestalkers sign a beautiful action-RPG reserved for Android devices” ––You have lived all your life in […]

How to use Rogue: Beyond The Shadows for PC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Rogue: Beyond The Shadows for PC in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Rogue: Beyond The Shadows for PC on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 194 MB
Instalations 50,000 - 100,000
Score 3.6
Developer codestalkers

We don't provide APK download for Rogue: Beyond The Shadows for PC but, you can download from Google Play

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