Monster Tail for PC

Great game Game is good. It has a nice layout which is easy to get to grips with and you have the ability to grow quickly aswell. The fact you gain experience for automatic battles while offline is a feature I think puts this game ahead of its competitors. Keep up the good work guys. I recently started up a Monster Tail Boot Camp, to help lower players. Message me on kik (AVampireSquid) to join if interested. Always happy to help support an amazing game.

Brilliant This game was so great I might have to get rid of it because its getting in the way of my daily duties. However, I would like to see you guys add some elements from the traditional turnbase rpg of pokemon. I mean more elements that require the players skill. I feel the game play in battle is to random. But the relics and such are fine. However i feel there are too many awards had to clean out my bag way too much and not enough shards. Why not balance them out? The crystal award amount is fine.

So far I am loving game. Not bad for balance I must add that paying does give you an edge which is totally cool I understand. Great work so far. I would Like to see more monster for more team types. As of right now a lot of people have same team's. Maybe make it so once a month us vip1 can use monster ball once? Would really like to see more monsters tho. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars. Again great work so far.

It's cute but.... Thank you kkplay for replying. :) Was able to move that bubble like you said. I am changing my review because there are features I do like about it, despite the lack in the tutorial that I would have liked to see. The auto-battle when offline is a neat feature so you can keep increasing your monster's level and the bundle sales are great too. Looking forward to updates but cannot find customer service. I have some more suggestions if you dont mind me writing. Please help!

I'm liking it BUT!!!!! So far I've have come to enjoy this game. So much so I've considered putting money into it. But since last week or so. There have been 10 individual pokemon that do not show up just a random black pokemon shadow with a red question mark. I have grodon but it doesn't show up at all. Please fix this issue. Another example is geodue. Since I can't contact anyone directly please fix ASAP. Thank you

Pretty great So I played the first version since the beginning and I must say I enjoy it. The art ideas for evolution through upgrades really cool and meeting a lot of new people is also great. It's a great game to play on your free time. It also auto plays when you're not on so your pokemon get trained for you. Not to mention there are cool events.

Decent Not happy that you changed the name of the game, but kept the names of the Pokemon. But, as for the game itself, I'm impressed that it is actually worth giving a try (if you enjoy Pokemon). Can't catch them the normal way, but they've kept a slight challenge to it. Not every one has been implemented, yet (that I can see) so, I'm looking forward to future updates and new releases. My only suggestion is to slightly alter your images and change the names, unless you have the consent to use them.

Looks like so much fun, but... After downloading the game it won't let me enter. I press the enter button, but it just pops up with the waiting screen and the loading symbol continues to spin forever. I always use Wi-Fi for my games and I always start out with a new game at home using our Wi-Fi so I know it's not the Wi-Fi or my cellphone maybe there's something I need to do and don't know about or the only other reasonable option is it's the game.

Great Game Very Addictive Best game I've played in a really long time. Only qualm, when purchases are made would like VIP Status updated as well. Still hasn't updated. Also possible time indicator in settings like PST CT EST Etc. That way when gives times on same page. Thanks again will be playing for a long time.

Very addictive The game is very addictive, maybe too addictive for the total of entertainment the game can provide. I have an issue regarding the monster sea battles. I have now owned all the land on the first world and defeated all the islands. But still can't change sea world. It is asking me to own every single territories. (in which I have).... Plz need help.

Quite fun Like it but i think it is a bit chaotic and should have a better layout. There seems to be some error with text spacing. I think the arena should match players better *mirage island*. I think the s1 - s44 should be explained still dunno what it is and why there are so many or the diff between them. Other then that its a fun pokemon app. Finally!

It's Great! Despite the negative reviews, I absolutely love this game. It takes a lot of time to level up, and I was a little sad that the Pokémon didn't get any XP from fighting, but that is a minor flaw. They're coming out with new servers very quickly (though, for now, I stay on server 1). I haven't spent ANY money on this game and I'm doing fine (my name is Your Mom), I'm a level 43 and my Pokémon are all level 48. It really is a great, addictive, and fun game. Thanks to the developers for making it!

Love this game Though, I really feel like if you're gunna make it this hard to get keys....the silver and gold chests shouldn't carry low level items. Like I dunno, small experience, boss challenge scrolls, low ranked pokemon. Things like that. It really doesn't seem fair.

Wow unoriginal cash grab Rip off pokemon a little harder, and yes literally most of this game is directly ripped off from pokemon. I hope Nintendo/pokemon company sues you hard and shuts you down. People just go buy pokemon or emulate it don't waste your time here.

It okay The game is kinda fun. The graphics nice and good pay/free ratio. Just the false advertising gets me down. Stop the 'we are pokemon' on Facebook and don't advertise monsters you haven't placed in the game and also there are only 80 monsters available... Add more please. You said hundreds....

Can't stop playing At first I thought this wasn't for real, but after playing for a few minutes I became instantly hooked. Been playing everyday for almost 2 months and not putting it down anytime soon. Wanted to update this and say that this is the only app I've ever Considered paying for micro transactions. Absolutely love it!

So Far so Great It's Amazing how you Created a new form and New way to play Pokémon other than How Game Freak has. But yeah this Game is great but not perfect yet. It's better if you should add more Pokémon from the Hoen Rigion Were people can Get Mudkip, Torghic, and Treeko and more also. So far the game is great to play.

Love the game I love the game and I would rate 5 stars if I could see the top part of the screen. But it does hide my notification bar when I play so I cant see how many gem things I have or any button up there. And the whole thing seems to be a bit off on the touch screen part. Because if I want to hit any button I have to tap a little bit below the actual button. So if you could fix it so I could the the whole screen of the game ill rate 5 stars

To close to pokemon/breaching copyright The game is to close to pokemon, close to all monsters In this game are blatant rip offs of Nintendo's creations. Facebook has been advertising this game as the newest pokemon claiming that you can now catch pikachu. I won't be surprised if your legal team is contacted with a cease and decist, the advertisements are definitely breaching copyright laws.

A LITERAL COPY OF POKEMON I cant be the only one who noticed this right? I mean, come on. All the pictures of "monsters" are re-skinned pokemon. Even the phrase "Gotta catch em' all" as shown on the main picture is copied word for word. The only reason I found this excuse for a game is because i saw an add saying pokemon go is out. How is this not illegal. This game is pure bullshit.

Won't even start Downloaded and installed game, started game and it downloaded more updates for about 3 minutes then I got to main page clicked enter and nothing happens. Tried multiple times, I read the reviews prior to downloading and expected some problems. But not even being able to play is amazingly bad. Probably a blessing in disguise this game didn't work, because this is just one sign of a horrible game I am sure. Thanks for nothing guys.

Love it I love this game, it's awesome in every aspect. Just a few bugs to work but you guy are doing great. Just one major issue I have is I keep getting arena award nominations but have not received honor points for the last two arena award times. Missing out on like 1200 honor points =/

REVIEW UPDATE! FIRSTLY. Let me say this is honestly a great game, definately my top 5 of the Android market but there's one huge flaw. Why the hell do I have to pay more diamonds, to use fast xp? I already spent money on the game to be able to get vip, why do I need to spend more gems to use my vip? It'd be different if you could easily acquire gems ingame, but you cant. This is absolutely ridiculous. Other than that it's a amazing game.

Love the game Its a great game played it over a month now. You dont have to pay to advance. Its nice to see those friendly old faces we all grew up with in a nice game. Only problem ive had is ive bought alot of shards in the mall sometimes i dont receive them. Other then that great game.

Glitch The game took somr of my shards before i could up star some one. So they sent sonething in the mail that said ichad to many shards so i got rid of the rest just for it to say the same thing. Weeks down the drain. Owell better games out there, untill this is fixed.

Sortyourgameoutffs I start the game and it says log in so i did with Facebook and then to pick a character and name i type in my name, the one i usefor xbox. I have not yet clicked a character and it says loading and its automatically picked one, and its the thing i hate the most now its stuck to my fb account and xbox name and won't lete start another and im not making another email just for that so if you can delete that account so i can start a new with my fb account that would be great if not, then im deleting it soooooo

Havent even gotten started... I havent even gotten started all i could do was sign up n bind my stuff and thats it so much connection errors and just wont let you even start.. i want to try this game so bad as im a big fan of pokemon and cant cus of this issue :( please check everything and fix the game so i can start. Then ill give it a 5 star.

Hmmmm Logging in issues and daily rewards could be better....drop things down from VIP 4 to free for all since its still sort of a new game. Jacking everything up so high from the start is going to cause you to lose good business in the future. Hence the other games I play and cash on more now that we've been given a chance. Dragon Blaze is so popular because they actually give us nice allies as seasonal events. :) you might learn a thing or two.

Needs to improve many things. Everything depends on the diamonds and the coins don't do anything. Evolving your monsters is extremely difficult, getting good monsters is expensive and the game is simple and boring. Is like going to put money in a machine and she dosen't give you anything valuable. We are the ones that work for our money, if the game company wants my money I better recibe a good product, not this. You must put your diamond prices down, increment the possibility of getting them and let people get good monsters easier.

I liked it actually It was the first app i ever spent money on... Im playing on server 16 atm... N ranked in the top 20 but wtf i cant join the server it still says maintain.. Yet my buddies are able to get in from almost 2 hours ago.. What is happening?

Awsome Love this game so far I don't understand some of these complaints you give enough to get far and to get past hard parts of the game. Also it's good it hard why do people want everything handed to them not how a game works defeats the purpose. I do suggest a safari zone or trading. Also keep up the good work and make the pokemon because in all honesty it is pokemon it's fantastic I have every pokemon game with all captured all shiny I'm a veteran at pokemon! Great work!!!!

Copyright Are you allowed to just straight up copy pokemon and make it into your own game? Won't you be sued by gamefreak? Or worse, nintendo? I'm just curious to know because you guys don't even try to change the names of the pokemon. Good Luck.

Help please I accidently auto add on refinery and accidently sold line 89 totodile shards and other mobs. I doesn't a lot of diamonds refreshing in the mall to get those shards. Any help by support of the game to recover those would be so helpful :( thank you!

TERRIBLE I seriously doubt any of the positive comments are real people. I log in and I can't even click on buttons. Gimme a break, hope this game fail bombs. Uninstalling immediately. FYI I love pokemon too so it's very disappointing.

Fraud false advertising The ad for this game said pokemon go on facebook. I installed the game just to tell you that i sent a screen shot of the ad to Niantic inc who you know is the doveloper of pokemon go. Expect some trouble coming your way. Its not cool asvertising this crap game as pokemon go to get more downloads. Goodluck.

Good game Just one problem I am having I have a Sony Xperia M4 aqua and my game keeps crashing after a minute or so it's annoying please help with fix please my game is still giving me the se problem

Great game, very fun, but... The bloody menu button hovers over the home button so it makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to get back to the home screen, it's only a minor thing but it can get frustrating after a while

Like the game, it's fun, enjoyable makes u wanna keep coming back on to play. Only criticism I have is want more monsters/pokemon lol, big fan of pokemon and surprised this hasn't been stop cus it being a copy but hay I like.

Meh It's a good game if you got good service. NO "OFF-LINE" mode as stated in description. Game has alot of room for improvement and still in the early stages. Hope to see an offline training mode or something soon. Other than that, fun pokemon game.

Terrible company Worst company ever. Been a loyal player for a long time and made many in-app purchases. However, after a few changes in the game I requested a refund on my latest purchase. They banned my account saying they will unblock my account if I cancel the refund. How corrupt is that. Customer service is terrible, no respect towards their customers and the GMs need to learn some manners. Overall a terrible company and I don't recommend to spend any money on them because they will backstab you when they see a chance.

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How to use Monster Tail for PC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Monster Tail for PC in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Monster Tail for PC on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 33 MB
Instalations 100,000 - 500,000
Score 4.0
Developer KKplay

We don't provide APK download for Monster Tail for PC but, you can download from Google Play

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