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This game sucks First of all to anyone who wants to download this game DON'T. it is horrible in every way second it is sooooooo lagy a.k.a not smooth playing.Third graphics I've Sean better graphics. Forth you get kiled by every wolf that sees you. and last of all and most importantly the CONTROLS SUCK. I even think that if they fix the controls I'd maybe give them a 2 star rating.I'd give this game a 0 star rating if I could.

I seen better This is the worst wolf game I ever played. All u do is move around. When u chase the animals your suppose to "eat" and when u get close they just fall.i love wolves and this is just offending. If you want to play as wolf in a game get wolf quest its on the computer. Maybe the even the creater of this game can get a better idea from it. WOLF QUEST IS W AY BETTER

Awesome It was cool. I loved it I mean the controls, attacking, the health and hunger bar's, and the animals were very detailed I'm so happy my dragon mom let me and helped me get it. You guys making awesome games I love you even know I already have a boyfriend and I'm only 10. I can't thank you for the awesome games and apps.

Horrible From what i know there seems to be no objective but survive. It dosent even seem you can attack! This game isnt even worth looking at. Barely any scenery and it just sucks. Please people dont even bother getting. (also the conttols are horrid)

Horrible The controls are terrible and they are very hard to use. They are so confusing, and you can't even turn all the way around unless you go all the way down or up and holding. Please fix and then it will be worth three maybe five stars.

Great game Its a great game! I play it only on my IPad. My tablet makes the controls funky, but the iPad runs it great! By the way, how do you eat? Also people, you kill and attack by just running up to the animal and go "through" it. If you can just fix some of the graphics... They are pretty weird. But OVER ALL, great game, good job, and people ONLY DOWNLOAD ON IPAD!!!!!!!!

Yes I agree with zap the hedgehog, that is the way to use a different wolf. However the controls only move in a square, and there are no animals. NONE at all and no attack button. Life of Wolf 2014 Free is much better if you are looking for a wolf game. Great idea though, this game has lots of potential.

Hmm I like the game but the controls re terrible, I can barely find food and I don't know how to attack. This game needs instructions. If you guys fix all this you will get a 5 star rating.

Very poor I do not comment about game too much but I have to for this one. first what is the point of this you run around killing animals. second the controls are bad. third there should be more challenge like a waterfall deers fighting back and Maybe if you consider a pack of wolfs. Then I may give you a 3-4 star. Depends.

Stupidest wolf ever seen U know what...i wanna see how the devs play this game. DEVELOPERS...try to play YOUR OWN GAME and see if u like it! So embarassing to release a "game" without even knowing if its working properly! SHAME...ON...YOU.

Amazing if changed slightly! I think this would be an amazing game!! I enjoy it so much already, but, like everybody else, the controls have some serious problems. They don't work right at all, however I did figure out how to hunt and I'm happy to say I caught one rabbit but I couldn't exactly eat it because the controls wouldn't work anymore xD If this is fixed, this will no doubt be the best app EVER.

The controls are disappointing The game has potential but the controls are terrible, laggy and uncomfortable. Once that is fixed then the game is worth 3 stars. After that up can work ur way up to 5 stars With more content to the game

It wasn't very good I didn't really care for. The controlls were terible! And I can't figure out how to attack. There are nooo instructions. And the animals could have more reallistics. Improve it and I will update my comment.

Its fun...but... Its under controlled I have no idea how to turn or how to attack its all just one button and that's bad. Add an attack button scent vision or something to help with hunting. and add a way to turn like swipe the screen or something to turn then not only will I update to a better rating but I will also reinstall

This is good but... I like the idea of this game very much. But it is nealry impossible to play. The controls don't work propaly. And it also needs an instruction manual, as I could not work out how to attack. But if all of this is all of this is fixed, this could become an amazing game, and cetainly would get 5 stars.

Stupid Controls suck. You can't turn. Every time you try to hunt you can't because other wolves will attack you AND YOU CAN'T FIGHT BACK! The wolves look fake. Don't download it sucks.

This game needs a lot of work. There's only one word for this. Horrible. The controls suck, the wolf doesn't fight back, there are no animals to hunt and kill besides the wolves and bears that will just kill you. I'm going to delete this so called game now, and I hope it will get better soon because now it sucks.

Lots of potential, needs fixes The wolves are realistic, and the whole idea is very promising. It is a game that is easy to understand, but you need a major fix on controls. As many people have said, the controls are a nightmare. I think this may be the problem: the joystick moves in a square motion instead of a circular motion.

The storyline So ok, you are a lone wolf who just left your birth pack, and you are focused more on your survival than looking for a mate, you think your easily going to get some food but realise that the food is guarded by another wolf pack (or a bear), you attempt to retrieve the food without getting spotted and once you are near your meal that will keep you alive, BAM!! The other wolves come charging at you, you try to run but the controls were square motion and couldn't turn you away from the wolves and the wolves slaughter you without communicating with you. You die and become a spirit while your corpse is eaten by the wolves that killed you. You can't live long on this game, my story line was this game in a nutshell.

Great consept, terrible controls. The controls is my only main problem with this game, we don't even get an introduction, and I found myself dying at the paws of another random wolf. HOW ARE WE SUPPOST TO HUNT? The graphics are really advanced for a free app on a phone, it's a shame that I had to uninstall it for this one reason. Take our advice, fix it mow. We're all better off with a computer game like wolfquest.

It sucks This game sucks. Da controlls, and graphics. I hate it so much I cracked my tablet screen! I cant hunt attack or defend. Da controlls r worse than da worst controls in the history of bad controls! DON'T DOWNLOAD WHATEVER U DO! !!!!!!!!! Plz fix ill give a 5 star rating. Also make a tutorial and make having a pack an option.

Controls are not the best, I try to run from a wolf, and it doesn't leave me alone no matter how far I run. And I can't defend myself from the attackers. No instructions on the controls, so I'll give them: #1: to walk, select the circle in the bottom right corner. #2: to run, do the same as walk, but put 2 fingers down. You can run in this game. This game has potential, however.

This sucks How are you supposed to hunt the animals!? Bad grafics, bad controls, Really stupid game. Plz fix and I will rate better. To others don't download!

Really sucks. Life of wolf 2014 has way better graphics and u can do way more stuff. In the game life of wolf 2014 I became invincible by leveling up my attack and defense skills any time I could afford it and I even killed the rhinos and that creepy green bunny. Finished the game. SO EXCITED FOR LIFE OF WOLF 2015 XD

I radly love it but... The controls dont work I keep getting stuck into the mountain a wolf attacks me how are u going to atack preditors no food... bears and wolfs always attack me and the controls dont work help me out plz....

Nexus 7 Poor I don't usually comment but this game is so rubbish I had to. The controls are so poor they are squared and you can't use them properly. Terrible!!! awful... I cannot even stir the control! Can't at least use arrows to control this? Plus I don't even know what to attack the enemies with, since running away isn't a option. Fix this please. The stirring isn't right either.

Glitchy ,but lovable! ;-) (With instructions!) ;-)Loved the running backwards glitch,I could lure wolves away from prey. Also, the Immortal glitch! :-D (Now for the instructions, to walk you move the little circle in the bottom left, to run, move the circle and touch the screen at the same time. To kill any animal, run to the right side of the it, and it will run into you. Your hunger never goes up ,but your life does when you kill an animal. I wish I could tell you more, but I ran out of room so Ta Ta for now! ;-)

Not good This is pretty bad. The controls, as many people said, are horrible. I can't turn around to attack an animal or run from bears IF YOU FIX THIS ILL RATE IT THREE OR MORE STARS

Probably would be a nice game The controls suck, if you improve the controls, it would probably be a very good game. Right now, people are paying money to get the wolf they want, and then they can't even control it right. It's kind of disappointing, wanting to play this game when you love wolves, and then the controls are horrible. At the moment, this game is almost crap. You probably would have been better off with calibrated controls, where it moves when you tilt the screen. For example, the controls on solar warfare.

Nice concept, horrible implementation The concept of exploring life as a wolf was great. I wanted to like this game, but I couldn't deal with the horrible controls. It's hard to make him turn in the direction you want. The thumbstick control is a joke.

Has potential, but TERRIBLE controls! I read reviews before getting apps, and they all said something about bad contols. I got the app anyways. was great! But the contols do suck. I can somtimes turn left, but right? Nope, I am stuck. I also get attacked by other wolves and can't fight back. I figured out how to fight, but I can't turn around. PLEASE FIX FOR 5 STARS!

Controls are horrible. Can't move around correctly..if your going to make a game at least make it so people can play it. It is a waist of time and download. Uninstalling

Stupid!! I've got 4 reasons why this is a bad game,1, how in the world are you supposed to hunt? 2, whenever you try to hunt there are always wolves that kill you! 3, make it more realistic, 4, CONTROLLS SUCK! Please fix this!!

Lmao This game should be used as an example of how to not make a game. Unless it's supposed to be bad. Kind of like those horrendous syfy movies that air on weekends. Everybody loves them because they're awful and it's actually enjoyable due to that. Where this game fails is I think it's a serious attempt to make a good game. Don't play it expecting a masterpiece. Play it expecting a weekend syfy feature film.

Horrible Looks like it was not put up with effort. Don't know how to kill, I cant control the camera and the wolf just goes where ever he wants. I gave it a ☆☆☆ because I love wolves so your welcome but please make it better or I will give one star :3

BAD! this game is so stupid. the fact that i cant even attack the other wolves is just crap. the controls are completely messed and i just wouldn't recommend this game, and if you want to try it BE MY GUEST!I'm sure it has potential just please fix the contols

Meh. Definitely not the best you guys can do. I'm still waiting for life of wolf 2015. Also every time you attack something, other wolves come to kill you. Like I said, still waiting.

really? I downloaded this game because it looked cool. My problems are the controls. There r no instruction whatsoever and u can't even turn around!! I mean how do u even bite?! It was a great idea but turned into a failure over laziness of the making of the game.

Terrible This is crap. Fix the controlls and we will see. Why does the wolf go left when I want to go right like what are you doing ?!j

From now on you will be one of the lonely wolf.Depending on your hunting skills and survival instincts, You are able to survive longer.To solve hunger you must hunt various animals inseveral shootings. Also, you must run away or avoidfrom attack of wolf or a rough bear.From now on, you are born again new.Leave by […]

How to use Life Of Wolf FREE for PC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Life Of Wolf FREE for PC in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Life Of Wolf FREE for PC on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 43 MB
Instalations 500,000 - 1,000,000
Score 3.0
Developer 1Games

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