Leo’s Fortune for PC

Such a cute game! I dl'ed it when this was under $1 & after playing it though I still would buy it for full price. Fun and easy to play, you can die a ton and keep going or when you make it all the way through there's an option to play single death mode. Not a super long game but has enough levels to get you through a week or two or a road trip. Good graphics, controls slightly sensitive but easy to get the hang of. Storyline not complex but has heart. I'd love to see more levels in the future or a second game.

Mobile gaming breakthrough This game is stunning, visually breathtaking, the voice acting is velvety smooth and the music is intoxicating. That's before we get to gameplay. You are Leo who is looking for his fortune. Hence the name Leo's Fortune to do this you have to navigate various settings each with it's own amazing artwork (the fire animation is superb). Buy this game now you are missing out if you don't own it. The developer has worked hard and it shows.

Note to galaxy users (Note: there are a couple bugs on galaxy phones, but devs are working on it and it's still playable. I had to switch to the buttons for controls) It's beautiful. The textures are gorgeous and detailed. The puzzles are clever and fun. The controls are very sensitive, in a GOOD way. I love how he chuckles after a tricky part. It's sadly VERY short. Especially because about halfway through I found it near impossible to get the extra 2 stars.

All Around Beautiful Enjoyed playing through the game. Visuals, and audio (especially voice acting) was phenomenal. Challenging at times, as it should be. My only complaint is that the only reason to play some of the bonus levels, or find the golden cogs is for the achievements. You could easily skip a third of the game or more if you are only interested in the main story. I didn't bother with half of the side levels once I realized there is no point.

One issue This game is really amazing, with nice story, creative gameplay, challenging levels (if you hunt for 3 stars) and wonderful graphics. My only issue is with the controls I really feel that it's left handed thing, and I'd like to see an option just to swap the controls, other than that I don't find anything to complain about and I believe this game is worth every cent I put in it... Good job devs.

Deserves nothing less than 5 stars! It's gameplay is that of Super Mario but Way way more graphically advanced and has a more elegant feel and graphics alone could compare to that of PS4. The gameplay is simple to understand and yet complex enough to challenge the mind in a non headache-y way. I Never Ever buy games on my phone. I always thought that they could never compete with consoles but I have been happily proven wrong. Please make more games like this. Seriously worth 99 cents!

Best game ever I usually don't give a comment on games but one word I can sum this up. OUTSTANDING..... I love the game play and the controls are not sticky for the Samsung S5 Active. So some of you have to play with the Android 4.4 for better results , so just check for updates for your phone or tablet. But beside all that jargon, this game has helped me cool down and get my mind off of my last deployment to Afghanistan. it's a peaceful game. Thank yall for reading, And I hope this helps you out.

Awesome Game Attention to gaming details rarely seen in most games. A full bodied gaming experience. You folks that put this together did a great job! Thanks for going with the pay to play model rather than than free to play that usually includes asking for access to a lot of personal data that constantly uses computer resources that inevitably slows the computer down.

Nice game play and idea This game attracted me because of its graphics and character along with the good reviews. Personally, I liked the game play as well as the character. Unfortunately, the game was repeptitive and it seemed to get difficult only by increasing the number of spikes and be artisric about the way they are implemented in the adventure. Very few puzzles which will heat my brain. Hope to upgrade and make better game in the futur but keeping the personality as it's along with the main idea.

The gold standard for mobile gaming Got this at 99 cents during christmas sales, and couldnt have spent the money better. Everything about this game is super brilliant; if you are an engineer like me, this game is going to hook you instantly from all the precisely-tuned puzzles and mechanisms throughout the levels. The storyline is awesome too and the main idea made me reflect a lot (not gonna spoil it for yall though). Oh, and the best thing about this game is THERES NO ADS! Super refreshing & stimulating, it's earned all five stars from me.

Perfect!... simply perfect... not since the golden age of Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong in the 90's, has a platforming game captivated me so... Without a doubt one of the most astonishing and perfectly crafted videogames of all time. Polished to perfection so as not to leave any glitches or bugs during its run, this jewel of a game can change the way you look at gaming apps forever. With its beautiful graphics, varied environments, original puzzles, captivating storyline and a compelling main character this adventure will leave you pondering and in awe of it's depth, creativity and originality. A masterpiece and a gaming milestone. Priceless,..!

Amazing on Amoled Since upgrading to a new Samsung S2 all my favorite games looked terrible. Aside from this game, and a few others, nobody is building games for higher resolution devices. That alone gets my 5 stars. This game looks amazing, it is a fresh take on an older SNES feeling game. Like Mario or Sonic. So far super fun, and I keep getting memorized by the amazing graphics.

Just Amazing. I had to stop playing this game just to come here and say what an absolute amazing game this is. The graphics remind me of ps4, yep I said it, they are that good. I feel guilty that I bought this on sale because the devs deserve a lot more for this. Well done. I will look into other titles you have made for sure. If you haven't got this yet, get it now. Thanks again devs. EDIT: I couldn't find any other titles. Is this the only one you have made?

Fun, beautiful game with derpy controls Loved this game. It was beautiful and inventive. Lovely scenery and music, interesting story, and spot on voice acting. My only issue, and it was significant, was that there were times the controls were not responsive all the time (primarily speeding up and controlling the direction of jumps), which made completing several stages and puzzles a lot harder than they already were. Otherwise a wonderful game!

Fun but can't turn sound off The game has really great graphics and lots of fun gameplay. It feels really professionally made and it's wonderful to have a competent platformer to play on the go. Well worth the $1 that I spent. However! there is no way to turn off the sound or music in the game. This is really annoying and makes me play the game less.

Leo's voice is awesome Leo's fortune is awesome. I've never seen a game like it's so original. A simple game you pick that has plenty of levels that will keep you entertained. Worth the money especially while there having a sale, I can't believe they dropped the price so low when the quality so high. This is a needed game on your device

Very smart game. It feels like Mario 64. Don't play this game in a subway on your way to work or school. You will miss your stop! :) I got it for $1.99 during black Friday sale and I would have paid more. Thanks for this awesome game developer(s). It works perfectly on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 android 5.0 v

Best game on Android. I've tried many games over the years for Android. Most of them make you want to throw your phone, or you just loose interest in it and leave it for months to rot in your app drawer. Well this game won't fall into those categories. Every time I play this, I'm amazed by the gameplay. It's so smooth and lag free. The graphics are great and compare to a Nintendo game on 3DS. I recommend this game to anyone looking for something different.

One of the best games on Android. The puzzles are just challenging enough to make you think and still be fun, the narration is superb (I love his very-fitting voice), the music is excellent, the graphics are something to behold, the game is smooth as can be on my Note 4, and the story is compelling and interesting. My only complaint is how short the game is. Is it worth the 99 cents I paid for it? Absolutely. Is it worth five bucks? Not to me. If it was a longer game, it'd be a definite yes. I hope they add more levels.

Wow, just WOW This is the only game I have played on android platform that I have ever felt the need to actually leave positive fedback, the game runs smooth, is quite fun and flawlessly crafted. From the soundtrack to the controls, well worth whatever you pay for it. Hopefully the sale will help people find this gem among the garbage.

amazingly well done I was holding out on this game for a while due to it's price but when it hit 99 cents I couldn't resist and got it. It's a perfect example of how and what a mobile game should be and this is coming from someone who's worked on at least 4 for some studios. the visuals are fluid and great, there is a nice simple back story and some good and cute voice acting. Controls are easy and the game supports 4.4 full screen so it plays even better. Stock Moto X 2014 can't recommend it enough

Amazing game This game has just blown me away. I have never played anything like this on my mobile till now. I was wondering why this game got rave reviews all over the world, now I know. I got it for 99 cents as part of the holiday sale and it's a superb deal!! Get it before the sale is over, you won't regret it.

So addictive! Can't stop playing, so much fun! Gorgeous to look at with a great soundtrack. Fun and intricate puzzles but nothing too taxing. A perfect way to keep the thumbs as busy as the mind. Only small gripe is that the controls can be a little fiddly, especially on the puzzles where reaction time is a factor but it's a minor issue. Awesome game!

Prettiest platformer on Android This traditional style side-scrolling platformer boasts gorgeous pre-rendered graphics in the vein the classic Donkey Kong Country games. It also benefits from creative level designs that blend elements of DKC, Sonic The Hedgehog, as well as elegantly implemented puzzles. But perhaps it's greatest achievement is its innovative controls. There are no fixed positions for on screen buttons. This eliminates the usual frustrations associated with playing this type of game on a touch screen.

Samsung gs4 This game is really amazing the graphics are awsome and the puzzles to get through are crazy and difficult but that's what I like about it and the levels are really long which is good you also never run out of lives or ever have to go back to the beginning when you die it just counts how many time's you die in final score . well Worth the money. You won't find a better game!! :-)

Gaming design at its best! Very good!! The graphics are stunning and the pace of the game flows really well. The game has an unique style that definetely makes it stand out amongst other platformers. I finished 2 chapters and so far I've seen very little negative aspects about the game

Sure the graphics are great. I've played this game for only an hour and i've found two issues with it. One: it is too fun and addictive. Two: don't recommend your friends get and play it, tell them if they don't, they have no idea what a good OS game is. If you like old games, and the way they used to be your fun, and take up your time, then no, don't play this, cause you are older now and have the respossability of an adult, but if you need to just be you, and reminise on good times, on childhood, then yeah.try it, you'll like it. i'm old, really old, i liked it i'm actually too old to like the game play of it, it's more console, and i only ever owned 3 of them, one sega, 2 nintendo and 3 nintendo2 so this game brings some of that back .smilies. Yours Truly Phil From here and where-ever. If you like high end graphics and puzzles that you don't think you can solve, and more than likely not solve, try "The Room" you'll like it

Well made game, just not for me Initially I loved this game, it's got a cute story, lovely graphics, easy controls and very few bugs. I think a lot of work must have gone into it. The gameplay was entertaining for a while and I can see why others would love it (I thought I would too) but I got bored so I'm moving on.

FUZZY CRACK!!! My parents have no idea how to use a VCR still, let alone a smartphone. I let them try this game to get used to the touchscreen and they LOVED it!!! They ended up buying a smartphone just for this. Awesome. Easy controls, wonderful graphics (I have a Note 5), and very lovable characters and story. MORE LEVELS, PLEASE!!!! I can't put it down, fantastic!

Great game with some minor short comings. Leo's Fortune is the representation of the perfection of a platformer. Great graphics, excellent controls, and a well constructed level design show off a great amount of polish. On the downside is the incredible shortness. The game can be completed between 2 or 3 hours. Those minutes are a great experience, but don't expect longevity in its 20 levels. Replay value is in acquiring additional stars which is greatly difficult for some levels.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Best game I've played in a long time! I admit I waited for this to go down in price before I bought it because I wasn't sure about it. It is well worth the money! Controls are a but different but that's why I like it. Good puzzler and very unique. Graphics are great and the little fluff ball protagonist is super adorable.

Nicely Done! This game is an instant classic I love it very much. Well put together, and it really does look amazing. I just wish other games looked this good. Well worth the money. I hope you guys come out with a new game just like this one in the future. This just turned into my favorite game fantastic job. Brilliant!

THE BEST! This is the best game ive ever purchased. What an amazing game! No bugs. Nice controller.And graphics super stunning. The story is soo interesting. The voice. Everything. I don't know if i say too much. But if you ever got into long queue at hospital or dentist. This is the kind of game you need. Just plug in your headphone. And go on with this game!

An instant classic I thought that 2D scrollers where a thing of the past, but this game revived this genre for me. With a story that has just enough complexity, same goes for the mechanics, and a hero with a strong character, it's a bliss to play. I just wish it was longer, I'm willing to buy another episode via DLC.

Outstanding! Hands down one of the best indie games I've ever played. Extremely creative design with painstaking detail. Controls are simple yet intuitive and the game is aesthetically mesmorizing. I literally cannot find a negative thing to say about this game! Although an option to toggle sound would be nice.

Resources Cannot Be Found? I absolutely love this game, and I'd like it even more if I could play it! I paid five dollars for an app that won't download the content. I have a Galaxy Note 2, with pretty good WiFi and the game can't find the "resources". Please help! I want my money back if the game doesn't even work!

Very hard but very fun and beautiful I love getting 3 starts in every level. What makes this game great if the ability to get 1 start at a time instated of having to get it at once. Giving this game more replay and a bit more challenging. If you don't care about the stars the game is till a fun little platform

A very fun game but A tad long on levels when you're aiming to achieve zero deaths to earn a star. No option to turn off sound effects? A game of this era and I am forced to have sound effects on, rather lame. Long levels and sound options are the only 2 things I have against one of the best games I've played from the market.

Pretty, polished, platformer I love the lush, detailed backgrounds on this game. The story is quirky and has a little substance. Leo himself looks cute (especially when he expands) yet sounds like a 40 year old man. The only qualm I have is I wish the game was longer and he had some more abilities.

ONE OF THE BEST This game has beautiful color, display, and control on my Galaxy Note 4 and on my Asus MeMo Tablet. This game is the best game I have on my phone. The graphics are rich and full of detail. As for the story, it is surprisingly excellent for a game. It is interesting and the voice of Leo and the things he says like "he has a moral compass that twitches like broken clockwork...." makes me laugh. Excellent Game!! Galaxy Note 4

Leo’s Fortune is an award-winning platform adventure game where you hunt down the cunning and mysterious thief that stole your gold. Beautifully hand-crafted levels bring the story of Leo to life in this epic adventure.”Leo’s Fortune is one of the most dazzling platform games I’ve seen, with graphics that rival recent-gen consoles.” – CNET “Leo’s […]

How to use Leo’s Fortune for PC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Leo’s Fortune for PC in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Leo’s Fortune for PC on your PC or MAC.


Price 499
App Size 327 MB
Instalations 100,000 - 500,000
Score 4.6
Developer 1337 & Senri LLC

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