I want moooore! Finished it over the weekend. Its music is beautiful and its art is too. While it's not like the Layton we might be used to, it sort of has this new age vibe that seems to suit its platform, the mobile device in your hands. It's a good play and is rather casual compared to the DS games but I would have loved more! Just the detective game to go for!

Great combination of Phoenix Wright with Professor Layton art style Very good game. If you ever played any of P.Wright or Apollo justice games you will feel at home here. The game is divided in number of chapters where you have to find evidence and question suspects. Some of the cases are much easier than others, but they are all well written and challenging. Many times you will find yourself going through files trying to put all the pieces together.

Engaging and Entertaining I haven't seen a single ad while playing this game. Only First Three Cases (Prologue, Case 1, & Case 2) are free but they are worth playing through. I've never seriously considered spending real money on a smartphone game before playing this game, but because the characters, story, and music are interesting and immersive in addition to the mystery-solving aspect, I almost bought a set of more cases to solve. Kudos to the developers of this game for making a gem of a game.

Good spin-off from original series Although it starts off a bit repetitively, the storyline starts to develop in the paid chapters, which is around where game gets a bit more challenging. translation could use a serious touch-up though, it doesn't work but I get what the devs were aiming for. solid 4☆ overall 'cause I'm a sucker for Layton stuff, and I like how Inspector Layton doesn't like being called a Professor and Professor Layton doesn't like being called a detective

Best game ever played I'm a huge fan of Professor Layton on the DS games and comes without saying this game got me hooked instantly too. I like how it is not as innocent as Professor Layton series which shines the game in a new light. The only issue I have is that there aren't enough cases to solve! What am I going to do with my life after I played and downloaded all cases?

Different, but in a great way! At first I was worried when I read what this game was going to be. A spin off game of the amazing Layton supposed brother? I adore Prof. Layton-- have/played all of his games-- and it was hard to believe this game would be able to live up to being more than some spin-off title. BUT IT'S GOOD. Instead of copying Layton, it's created it's own world, focusing on his brothers life. It's not like the Layton games, and that's GOOD. Great, even. These creators made a wonderful game.

Addicting Yay, so exciting to see professor layton['s son] on android! It's quite different from the usual series: it's more like Phoenix Wright. I love it. The first two cases are free, and the next seven are very affordable. I bought all the possible ones out there. Having beaten the game, I would say there needs to be more games like this. C'MON.

As a Professor Layton fan for years, this is a nice little spinoff that has left me with so many questions that I hope will be explained in the future. I love that the game play falls more on the similarity to the Ace Attorney games giving the game its own sense of uniqueness. And of course, it wouldn't be an official Professor Layton game without the plot twists!

This Game! So much I love this game! I never got the chance to play any of the Prof. Layton games, so when I came across this one I jumped at the chance to play it, even though it's a spin off. I absolutely love the game and it's characters (Alfendi and Lucy are so cute) and genuinely enjoyed the storyline and gameplay. There's room for a sequel with that ending, and I'm absolutely looking forward to one! MAKE ANOTHER, GUYS!

Excellent Mystery Solving Game LOVE the gameplay and concept. Very cool mysteries and crimes. My one criticism would be that there should be bonus points or an achievement or trophy or something to acknowledge if u were able to guess who the culprit is from the start, I get the whole 96.7% calculation which is funny but I feel sometimes the player needs a reward as well. Plus I honestly solved one of the mysteries without ANY hints at all, so an achievement should be given for that.

Amazing! After you buy all the chapters (I think it was less than $8 total...) It was a little bit short, but you're a detective who investigates homicide. Way better than professor Layton's games on the 3ds in my opinion... More realistic characters, and cases that actually stump you sometimes. Also, the first like four cases are free.

Love it! Should make a sequel Story & characters driven. Nice graphics. Lovely OST. Not so much on the gameplay itself. Feel repetitive at time. I don't mind that it's completely different than the rest of the Layton series though. I find it refreshing actually. All in all, they should make a sequel, since there're still so much more to explore and to be improved on. The game's mechanic is 3 1/2 stars. The rest all together 5 stars. So I give the game 4 stars.

Update more episodes please This game is great! Amazing graphics splendid storyline and I absolutely need to find out what happens! There's the tease with lucy and prof being together which I love. But at the same time he killed her. I so wanna know what happened cuz it left me hanging. I wanna know why he killed her. I wanna know how he killed her. When the last scene opened with my head what r u doing I was like wtf?! Happened! So please make a dern sequel or more cases! Then there's his brother! So many unanswered questions!

I absolutely love this game Everything from their personalities, to the cases themselves. I'm replaying the whole thing and i can honestly say I'm gonna finish it again, which is rare. But I'd love to interact with the Prof at the end, he seems so interesting totally worth the payments too. Also on a side note, the grammar is supposed to be like that. It represents the way the character is speaking. Obviously.

More, please! I was so excited when I found this game, because I'm always happy to see studios put out new titles for the mobile market. It is quite different from the main Layton series, and, as others have said, it is somewhat similar to Ace Attorney. Rather than exploring and solving puzzles, you investigate crime scenes and solve cases. The art and music are both fantastic, the characters are endearing, and the plot is intriguing. The ending is a definite cliffhanger... I'm very sad there is still no sequel in sight!

Good fun, but too easy. The art style and atmosphere of this game is topnotch ranging from slapstick comedy to dead serious moments. Characters are even aware about the game UI which adds to the comedy. However, it feels as though this game isn't a game at all, and just an interactive narrative. The game practically spoon feeds players with the answers and evidence with almost no penalty what-so-ever. Every now and then the game throws a curve-ball to test your deductions, but those are really just once every two chapters. Plus, the chapters are extremely short. After about two playthroughs, there isn't much replayability. For anyone looking for a polished and high quality mystery visual novel, I would recommend this, but if you're looking for something similar to the original Professor Layton games or something similar to Ace Attorney, I suggest looking elsewhere.

As expected from a Prof. Layton title Download this game if you're a fan of the franchise or if you just want to put your mind to the test. Though it's quite easier than the original games, this one takes on interesting murder scene cases. So if you're into crime fiction stuff, this is the game for you. (The DLCs were awesome too.)

Not a Layton puzzle game It's more like a Phoenix Wright game where you pick up clues, check evidence and question suspects. That said, it still a very good game especially for being this cheap. $5 total cost to get all the rest of the cases, purchasing a NDS Phoenix Wright cost that or more for a similar amount off gameplay.

Fantastic, brilliant game Although this game is a spinoff of the Professor Layton games, the gameplay for Mystery Room isn't really like that series at all. It's more like a toned down version of the Ace Attorney games. The characters are witty, charming, and funny, and there's plenty of intriguing twists and turns. It's not an overly complicated or difficult game but nevertheless, I found it to be immensely enjoyable!

Amazing! Such a great app! I have such a difficult time finding apps that please me and meet my expectations, but this one did just that. And I can honestly say that it's my favourite. It really makes you think, and the ability to inspect the scene of the crime is just awesome. No complaints- just one question: will more cases be added? I haven't purchased cases 3-9 yet, but I plan to, and I'd like to know if there will be more. Why? Because it's addicting! I NEED as much as I can get! Flawless app!

Good, not great I feel like the game is too easy. You are given 5 minutes to inspect the crime scene, which is easily done in 30 seconds. You only look at surface items, there is no rummaging through evidence. The puzzles are simple. The questions during interrogation are often related to definitions. You know the culprit almost everyone just from the suspect statements. There's always a suspect or 2 that you don't even question beyond their initial statement.

Visual novel-esque. Layton Brothers is pretty different to the main Professor Layton series. It's comprised of 9 separate murder mysteries, with an overarching plot that takes centre stage near the end of the game. The murders are all interesting and fun to solve, but I found the game did a fair amount of the work for me. The story is really what carries this game and makes it something special. There's a huge amount of witty and entertaining dialogue and plenty of unique characters to meet. ~9 hours well spent!

Isn't actually compatible... [UPDATED] In the description and in the store this game claims to be compatible with android devices, but it doesn't even open on my phone or my tablet, which is REALLY depressing 'cause I played it when I had my iPhone and it was REALLY REALLY good and I wanted to be able to finish it after I switched phones. I bought the final levels and everything and now I can't even open the game after switching phones.... [UPDATE] IT WORKS ON MY TABLET NOW. Still doesn't work on my Droid mini

Loved it! This Layton spinoff goes in its own direction with new characters and different style of gameplay. I got the other cases, but I like that the first three (well, two, really, the other one is just an intro) are free. It's a good way to see how the app runs and get a feel for the game.

I really enjoyed playing through this. Fun little cases with just enough humour to not make them too dark. The writing and characters are true to the usual Level 5 quality and aesthetic. The 3D investigation gameplay is designed really well. My only issue was with the two finger scroll used to navigate some crime scene areas as it seemed a bit inefficient (at least on my phone). Otherwise, really nice, smooth interactions. Definitely worth it to purchase both case packages, especially if you like the story!

So Awesome I absolutely love this game! Cases 3-9 need to be purchased but it is definitely well worth it and it's only an extra $5 for all of them. Completely understandable why, it's obvious a lot of work went into creating this game! As for the people saying the grammar and translation are terrible, it is meant to be that way, the characters have accents. I had no trouble understanding that, not sure why others did. Finished all cases and loved it so much I'm starting again with a second save file!

A good start! Not a bad continuation of the Layton games. I would have liked the cases to have been more challenging, and perhaps some voice acting. It has a compelling story, and I like the twist of solving a crime as opposed to puzzles. I think the game could use some consequences for poor detective work, such as a reputation meter, and/or department promotions. Thanks for the game!

Layton strikes again I love it a lot, Level-5 makes quality games but this one for some reason is really easy and overly simplistic compared to their other works, maybe they might fix that with a sequel one day? Still the story is well worth the money in my opinion. Go for it!

Wonderful spin-off title Being a big fan of the original professor layton series I was somewhat unsure about this game and how it differed initially. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the game still had the same charm that the original series had, despite being more like Ace Attorney in terms of gameplay. Although relatively short even with the add-on packs included, the game left me satisfied after I'd beaten it. Great plot, cleverly done investigations. Honestly I'd say that it's well worth $5 to get the full game.

Solid Fair-Play Mysery While it plays nothing like the original Layton games (You could easily remove any references to Layton without detracting from the story), Mystery Room is a great game. While the gameplay is far simpler than Ace Attorney, the game challenges you to work out the culprit before you really dive into investigations. The writing is solid enough that it's possible to come up with a solid theory before the game steps you through it. Highly recommended.

I'm already nearly finished with the game due to the newly-found addiction to it. I was surprised to see that this game was so radically different from the Prof. Layton series, but, at the same time, I find that to be part of its immense charm. It's a beautifully narrated story, led by intelligent leaps of logic that are truly intuitive.

Excellent game for Phoenix Wright fans. It plays more like Ace Attorney Investigations than a typical Layton game. Much like Phoenix Wright, you spend each episode trying to solve a murder and corner the culprit to figure out how it was done. It has an interesting story and cast of characters, with some decent humor to boot. If you're looking for traditional Layton experience where NPCs throw random puzzles at you then you'll be sorely disappointed. If you're a fan of both Layton and PW, you'll be in heaven.

Not quite the curious village Fan of the Professor Layton game series. I cannot say the same for this spin-off. I didn't find this to be all that thought-provoking. My first inclinations were correct in the suspects and murder weapons, finding supporting evidence was not at all difficult. The 2 free cases took time, more for reading all the entertaining dialogue than for actually solving the mystery. $3 for 4 cases/probably < 2 hrs of play? Eh, maybe. There is at least the developing Layton backstory to look forward to.

Help!! I can't stop playing it, and I have other things to do! The graphics, the plot, the challenges, very well done! Reminds me of ace attorney on NDS. So much fun I actually bought the paid cases. If you want more than just find-and-point detective game, you should play this.

Its great but... I am a huge Phoenix Wright fan so I didn't know what I was expecting from this game but I figured I would give it a shot. The cases are very well written but one thing I don't like about this game, is that this game pushes you towards the answer. For example, when youre answering questions and get them wrong, you have the opportunity to answer the question again. The reason why I don't like this becuase you can just guess without thinking logically. Except for that I think the game is amazing. Try it out :)

Want more To be concise: you'll end paying ~4€ for about 10 hours of linear narrative. The game uses a dumbed down Phoenix Wright approach. I got stuck once in the whole game, and I'm not very good at these. However, production values are as good as any Layton game. You'll love the cast, the art, the history. Incidentally, the music is superb. If you like the Ace Attorney games you'll probably love this one. More cases, please!

surprisingly twisty plot packed into 9 cases! Treated myself to the paid cases and couldn't put my phone down for the next three days. Not only is each case totally different and thus a fresh challenge, but the overarching plot is yet another surprise. I wish we'd got more time with each relevant character (even the commissioner! so glad to see how well he did for himself!) because it was hard to get into their emotional plight. There were hints at stories that we didn't get. Still, not disappointed! WILL PLAY AGAIN! ❤

Why arent there more games like this? Great story, nice dialogues, superb background music, well-designed/crafted characters, and above all fantastic graphics...! This game made me feel like sherlock holmes ...! :) But only 2 cases to solve for free... that was a bit disappointing.

Pretty good so far I like the cliff hanger the free cases end on, but you're going to need a sale on that dlc to encourage me to get it. Also, the app is a space hog, needs sd card support or is at risk of being uninstalled. Nice game, worthy of the Layton tag.

Loved every second! I purchased both extra sets and flew through them.... so wonderful! I love that this game seemed a little more mature themed than the other games. I hope they continue to make new sets of case Files! So sad it was over so soon....

The latest game from the PROFESSOR LAYTON adventure game series that has shipped over 15 million units worldwide! LAYTON BROTHERS MYSTERY ROOM is a new crime-solving mystery game featuring none other than the son of the great Professor Layton! ■ The free download includes the prologue and the first two cases. Additional case files are […]


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Price Free
App Size 100 MB
Instalations 100,000 - 500,000
Score 4.1
Developer LEVEL-5 Inc.

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