LandLord 3D: Survival Island for PC

Awsome I like games were u find out yourself BC not all games give u hints like follow this path for a gun just figer it out yourself that's the good games suck it up and find out yourself. And boo hoo u going to cry BC it doesn't help u big babies

LandLord 3D It's fun an scary. An boring after you found out your going get lost a lot.Golds needs to be worth a lot more otherwise it's not worth the small load.

It sucks balls I was not able to pick up any thing I was geting attack by wolfs every time I moved about 15 ads in 30secs and the graffics was so bad nay little bother can draw better then the graffics I hate the game


Its FUUUNN I play it it is the best

I like it You need to add crafting and make it so you can rotate the screen better because you move not look in a different direction. I hope the game gets better. Then i will put five stars. Let us place wood and build like in minecraft. Make it real life minecraft. Gmod but you can build and craft amd survive. Add more things to like a sink, tv, washing machine, clothes drier, and things like that. Things we have in real life.

Really awsome game! I love this game alot,i wish there was a place where you can make weapons or fishing poles, & ads DO NOT bother me. PLEASE update soon, I can't wait to see the new islands and updates!Awsome work! :) Please update!!!! others MUST get this game and at least try it!!! Awsome work.★★★★★+♥ EDIT: PLEASE UPDATE! IVE WAITED ABOUT ALMOST 8 MONTHS OR SO! maybe you've just been getting work done on this app or not, but i wish you the best of luck! I love this game! Thanks!

I have some Ideas I can't wait till u make it better. Some things it at need on the update is bow, arrow, deer, turtle, chickens, snakes, swords, and the empty houses could be built in with wood, more sound it's pretty silent as u cut wood, fish, fishing pole, be able to cook your meat in a furnace. It's pretty hard to get money, I think I got all the chests, I'm trying my hardest to sell all wood I get. Clothing, weather, hot and cold, be able to start a fire, night time, rest anywhere u want, but u replenish hunger and hea

great start stfu about wolves you can easily tell it has potential and has okay graphics and an overall appealing idea. it's rusty and I'll developed tho. but they comment on that and know it. it has a lot to go and hopefully the developer(s) will continue working with it. to all the people complaining about how hard it is shut up. games now a day are wah to easy and there's never a challenge just progression. actually making it hard is good- don't change that

It's a fun game! I really like it! Since it is in BETA, I will refrain from any negative comments. Overall, it's a great game! I get lost in it easily. It would be really awesome if there were some additions to the environment like weather or aquatic life; things that could hinder your health. More animals or maybe even people would be interesting as well. I think that it is really missing though is a main objective. I have it pictured to be something a bit like "Jak and Daxter". I think something similar would make it amaz

Good Job! This game is moving perfectly! Needs a few fixes and tweaks to some of the game features before it can progress. I don't mind the ads at all; however, paying to remove them would be a reasonable alternative. This game is on the path of a simulator. Continue to add realistic features and you could own one of the most desired games on Google!

I like it alot It does still need a bit and of work, may I make a few minor suggestion, it needs pets, a variety of them. And wolves are OK but I think we could use a few different enemies. And be able to craft straight from your inventory, thanks for making a great game, awesome time killer, and could use a bit of and update with the graphics, I can put my hand through a rock. -.^

Good I like it so far but yeah a tutorial would def help out. I understand the ads if it is to be a free game it dont bother me. I just cant figure out how to eat i got wood and meat is there some way i can make a fire and cook my wolf meat and eat it? My hunger bar is running down. How do i eat?

I dislike wolves The wolves in this game need to be balanced: there is no way to run away from them. Maybe try putting a leash range on them so you can get away before you die. I have tried jumping up a cliff to get away from them and they followed me. There needs to be an actual use for the materials you can gather other than just to sell. This game looks like it could develop into an unparalleled experience. Keep it up.

Ads. = only problem Its a good game... but the constant ad that wants you to download more apps that pops up at the worst time. I hated that part. Which forced me to uninstall the game since the ad pops up every couple seconds.

Bad on ads. Played the game for 2 minutes and had 3 pop up ads for other games. Bad form. I understand this is beta right now so i would recommend fixing the tutorial issue as well but i am uninstalling the game for pimping ads in pop ups. If you want people to play your other games then offer incentive instead of interrupting the game play.

Good game Great game. I wanna keep playing but I got stuck on the other island with no potions to get back to the main island and I ran out of stuff to do. But You could make the wolves slower so you can get away maybe make the food give you health as well. And make it so you could store your stuff and make it so you can find or buy bigger bags. Can't wait to see it when your finished.

Hopefully gets better I saw that this game is only in alpha still, so far it's good. You should either make resources easier to get, or make the price of things much less. All of the buildings where you can sell your stuff need to be in one place, or just make one building where you can sell all of your stuff, that would be much more convenient. Also, I couldn't find any animals until after quite a while and even then it was really hard to kill it without getting almost killed. This game has quite a not of potential though.

Great start I really like what you have started. Plays much like Wurm Online but for mobile. I hope that you add crafting and building. How often can we expect new material added? Dropped my rating until they add more to the game.

Ok first of this needs major lag fixes more fps. When you say you will improve graphics I MEAN U BETTER IMPROVE THEM A WHOLE LOT. Right now thrive island will be your enemy so you will have to do everything better then them.way more crafting recipes aay more house stuff as late game stuff.tree cutting animations and stuff.caves. .Just overall redisign becUse if not u will never compete against thrive island . Character custumizing.pause menu.armour. late game guns. Etc. I just hope I helped and u will make this game amazing number 1 survival game. Thank you and goodbye

Great game!:-) Has great potential, as long as you guys don't make it cost money. I know this sounds like a silly suggestion, but could you make a restart button? It would be useful when you have accidentally worked up a debt of 600 coins.:-(

It's good. A little suggestion I have is that when you are fighting the wolves they make your health almost all the way down. So if you could make it to where you attack faster it would be even better. Also maybe add a crafting cabin where you can make your weapons.

Wasn't bad but had loading problems and the adds omg there every 3 mins Just fix the controls and the adds I mean u can bairly play the u might as well just go ahead and charge 1.99 but it is a pretty cool concept keep it up this could be a good one

Right idea You have the right idea but now you neec to make it work the game feels like stranded 2 without the crafting if you don't add that ability then this will be on of the worst games in history but do so and make other improvements such as other islands boats fishing ect. Ect. Ect. and then you will have something

Can't wait for the update! This is really good, the decent weapons are a bit too expensive and some things can't be reached, I found some gold to dig, only problem was that it was on top of a unclimbable mountain. Other than that, love it! The expensive weapons makes it a lot easier to kill the wolves. 1 tip though, bigger backpack. Thanks for your hard work!

it has many potential. you need to move "attack" button away from navigation. it makes it harder to move camera and aim. some map, ability to build tools and actually enter house for shelter. buying stuff is not appealing. building stuff is more appealing in open world games

Amazing There is so much simplicity in this game, I love to play it. If you play it right now it may not seem like much but I am sure that once the game is out of it's beta stages, it will be great. Everyone should download this game.

Okay so I made an iron pickaxe now what Make more stuff to do like maybe craft a boat so we can sail off to another island or maybe you can build a house or maybe make a crafting system or make it so that you can buy a boat I don't know more stuff I don't know what to do anymore

Needs minor tweaks monney and atk and speed It is a great game if you focused less on making the island so big and focus more on making improvements on weapons and reduce prices add other npcs better health and more player dealt damage I will rate it at 5★

They try to make you hate the game right away I played for ten seconds and got my first add. Then within a couple min I got more ads. Just not right. If this is a beta game there should be no ads so I can actually test it out. The idea is good so far but I can't keep playing with these adds. It's all about buying and selling. Not really about crafting. You can't go up small hills so your stuck running around them all the time. And the hunger bar drops way to fast. It barely last 20 min before your starving. Keep working on it and we shall see.

No tutorial? How to grab things? How to move? 10 sec and I've got impression l will vomit from all that spining. I'm trying to find myself and here it comes ad. 20sec in the game and still don't know what to do and health bar goes down. It doesn't have good impression after trying. But if you like moving in unknown direction the game is right for you, but if you like to know what to do and how don't bother

Good but The pickaxe price is insane because if you wanna find stuff to sell u need to explore the island and u run into wolves and ur dead...-100 dollars other than unstoppable wolves this game is AMAZING

More improvements You need to make it where u van use wood to make a house and doors and sheds. And add chest to keep our stuff in because I run out of space a lot. And u need more animals than just wolf's. Those wolf's are killing me. Also we need to at least start off with some gold because I can't find any shops for rings or pearls. So please fix with this and in will rate 5 stars

Its kinda good but It lags alot, its hard to turn your head, its hard to walk, there are no swords I think, I only see wolves, the food cost alot,and more stuff I hate about this game!!!!! I WOULD'VE RATED ★★★★OR★★★★★ IF IT DIDNT DO THAT STUFF I THINK SURVIVAL CRAFT IS BETTER THAN THIS PIECE OF JUNK and hi im 9 almost ten. ^-^ :-)

IMPOSSIBLE I can't even escape from the wolf. While I was exploring the island I encounter this wolf and it started to chase me! I ran and ran and I found a beach, so I jump in there thinking that wolfs can't swim. But guess what? He ran in water! It's IMPOSSIBLE.

Keep improving If you ask me, you should just cut your losses and replicate what all can be done in the PC game Rust. It would be a great improvement and wouldn't be too much of a difficulty as you already have the basic similarities down. Honestly, I'd pay to see this game improve, as long as I know it will be making some major improvements. As the rating says, "It's OK," though there are some slight aspects at the moment that need to be improved on and I'm sure they've been pointed out the wolves.

This game sucks! Dont waste your time until its a finished game. Right now there is really no objective and if u die it costs u money! Stupid!!!

Landlord 3D: Survival IslandWARNING!The game was released in BETA. They have not been introduced yet most important functionality (they will be added in later updates).If you like 3d games like Gothic, Risen, The Wither, The Lord of the Rings, The hobbit, or Mintcraft then you will like game Landlord 3D: Survival Island.You are stranded on […]

How to use LandLord 3D: Survival Island for PC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type LandLord 3D: Survival Island for PC in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use LandLord 3D: Survival Island for PC on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 24 MB
Instalations 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Score 3.4
Developer przemczechu

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