Idle Ventures for PC

Great game Great game with responsive and helpful developer(s)! Game does get slow with with many purchases (because of the explosions when you purchase things, that should be a less graphic intensive animation - if any). I believe you need 9 Quintillion cash ON-HAND for the first star. Best idle game I've been able to find on Android.

Severe Imbalance Issues I feel like you couldn't have possibly tested this game. The gap from 50 to 100 is enormous, and it makes this game a snorefest. I'll give you 2/5 for making it pretty, but you desperately need to fix it now.

Can improve Aside from the fact that it is a clone of adventure capitalist (not yet released for android) this game is not too bad. Will rate 5/5 if devs read this and respond and implement some of the following suggestions: an option to spend 1-2 dollars to remove ads, improve scrolling, improve purchase speed and add x10 purchases, and add more achievements.

No updates in bugs what so ever Had credits on 132k, waited with a restart to get 9 quin to get a star. And when I reached it. Game restarted and no star . Listening to your players would avoid you to get negative comments

Stars Put Me Off! Everything about the game is great, until you find out about the stars. Makes the game pointless to continue playing once you hit that amount for just one star, let alone 50+ more...

Idle oil tycoon is better This game is alright. Its nice because it takes a long time. But you just kind of always got that "whats the point" feel to it. Sad. Also eats up A LOT of memory.

Very unbalanced Pretty cool game but buying 1 at a time with that annoying animation takes for ever and the gap between lvl 50 and 100 for all achievement is absolutely absurd. I have over 900k cred points and 0 stars so far everytime I get 9quintilion in hand cash it takes all my money but dosnt give me a star. This has happed 4 times now. I'm done with this game untill the star power issue is resolved as 1 million cred points does me no good.

Interesting if akward Would be 5 stars as a timekiller if internet wasn't required. I find the cost algorythm to be badly skewed. Once you reach 50 of each type of business the lower ent ones increase in cost much faster than the higher end ones. I don't understand why it costs over 211trillion to open the 83rd lemonade stand when I can buy my 101st small government for a touch over 1.79 trillion. Also with the current patch the game crashes every time a high tier payment (over 10 trillion) time hits

Fix? Are you going to fix the lag/crash issues.... The ones everyone is experiencing? Or should I just uninstall. Which sucks, because I have a couple 100k of credibility points. Literally every time you upgrade everything past 50 you experience heavy lag and crashes. I just managed for my first time to upgrade everything to 100(which the scaling on lemonade stands is ridiculous by the way) and the game crashes every minute or so.

Bug with stars Every single time I get to 131k cred points, the current game stops getting any more cred points. This would be okay if it didn't reset the amount of cash on hand that I have each time I got to 9 quintillion. I cannot earn even one star because of this. Game was ok until I realized these two things.

Why? I'll give this game 3 stars for the fact that it is a good game but why does this idle game need a constant internet connection? Had it for a few weeks and it's gone through 300mb and won't run without the connection! Why!?

Fun, but unplayable A lot of fun to play. I like idle games like this. But about around 50 of each the game starts to crash every 30 seconds. Guess it just can't handle the math involved. Unplayable after third day.

Not like other idle games. I have been playing this for months. I now have over 700k in credits. I was going to reset today and get another 100k but when i pulled it up it was offering way less then that. Decided to shrug it off and when i opened the app hours later it was offering less credits. Also, as others have mentioned, the game slows to a screeching halt when, at 700k creds, you get to the climb from 100 to 200 properties. The math needs to be worked out better for a higher rating.

The game is slow. Kind of jittery. When you obtain all the businesses it starts to slow down considerably and continues more and more as you progress in the game. I now have all businesses at 25, and find I have to wait at least 15 seconds till I can buy another of the same business. If these updates were called improvements, they should have been called set backs. The older versions worked100% better. I can be out in the middle of nowhere using my 3G uploading to fb or other and cannot buy one property.

Broken reward system Once the numbers go past 10 quintillion, the game breaks. You can't even achieve the 200 let alone 500 of all buildings like this. Couple that with heavy lag past 50 of all buildings and a required internet connection and this idle game is simply not good.

Very poor scaling - creator doesn't care The higher-level achievements might as well not exist. The scaling is ludicrous - lemonade stands cost more than the GDP of Earth in 3027 AD. I've been trying to get the 200 of each business achievement since October of 2014. Don't bother. It's been six months. Better games have been started and finished in that time.

An Excellent Bloody Game - Or So I Thought I believe that this is one of the most satisfyingly balanced incremental games I have ever enjoyed. I can come back to it every few hours, or every few days - but it draws me back unfailingly. Having recently amassed over 9 quintillion dollars, I had hoped to earn my first star. However, upon opening the app, I found my money reset, with no star to show for my months of time. Contact with the developer proved fruitless - rather than assistance, I was offered an apology and told nothing could be done..

Would love to give a better rating It is a great game it really is but recently it has started crashing about every 2 minutes I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but I would like to play the game again. So it would be great if you guys could patch this! Thanks in advance.

Unbearable Lag First off, I have an almost brand-new droid razr maxx. Regardless of the age or quality of my phone, this app now lags like crazy. I have noticed it's once I get into trillions, and it always seems to have the Game of War - Fire Age ad at the top. Was 5-starred; 1-star until fixed.

Game resets itself Had so Much money and was away to get first star......and it reset my money but I still have everything I bought just not the money I had amassed. Would leave a 0 star review but won't let me

Finally got 10 quad on hand. No star, mo popups, cant buy star, reset doesnt give star too. What a letdown.

Crashes very often I almost smashed my phone because of how often this game crashes. I do not recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a stable game.

No cred points. I had this on my old phone (exact same phone, had to replace because it broke) and I was up to 117 creds. Now everyone I check it says reset for 0 creds. Even after running overnight, I gave none available. I have already tried to in/reinstall. I love this game and will fix stars when it works again.

Bad Performance, Needs Improvment Game lags every time I purchase upgrades and randomly crashes frequently.Fix now and I can enjoy the game without lag and crashes every few minutes.

Good game but crashes constantly Never had the issue at the beginning but the faster my timers got the less the system could handle it. Now can't play more then 60 seconds before it crashes. If I had paid for this game I would be asking for my money back

Bug My game is stuck? The bars are all full and not moving anymore. Please fix this, then 5 stars

How do you get stars? I have bought every thing you can buy and I got no stars. So I reset and I got 1200 credibility points so can someone explain this to me?

Lazy Devs Game has been abandoned by the devs for nearly a year now. When you begin, its enjoyable, but after 10 minutes it becomes very boring.

Game at the start The game runs very well at the beginning but now that I have gotten to speeding up the runs it is crashing after being open for a few minutes. If this is fixed I will give a higher rating.

Needs a lot of fixing Scrolling and buying must be tweaked its too slow because of the animation. Also would be real nice if the stats werent saved on the internet. Theres no leaderboard so its useless and renders the app useless when you're offline or don't have any network. I have reset 3 or 4 times accumulated about 350 cred points. Which should increase profit by 300% but it doesn't seem to do it but i'm not so sure. I still don't know how stars work as i haven't earned any since the beginning.

Could be a killer app if... 1. Had buttons to purchase more than one item at a time, such as a 5x, 10x, and 100x. Tapping repetitively is annoying when you have a lot of experience points. 2. You could have more achievement goals. Some for reaching 100 of an item, especially since it gets suuuper slow trying to achieve 100 of the first 5 items. Like others said, its very unbalanced. STRATEGY: Once you get a good amount of cred points, (at least 10k) reset, keep reseting regul

Love the game but one problem!! The game is so awsome i just downloaded it yesterday and already have 500 million dollars the only setback is that everytime i.close out the game my phone freezes. I dont know but please fix.this bug and i will give it 5 stars.....but besides that i love this game reminds me of make it rain but without.the swiping......also more things to buy like a housing investment or something like a car dealership because in three days i.made 36 billion

Fun but poorly balanced, tedious, and buggy I check on my progress every couple of days. Progress is so slow. Frequently crashes on my phone

Great game I am a little upset that it takes forever to get started

Needs some improvements Although I really enjoy this game, I can't help but feel it has some pretty basic things that need doing to make it that much better - for example, I'd like to be able to buy more than one at a time - also the scrolling through of things is not that efficient make these changes and I'll change my scoring :-)

Keeps crashing Game was running smoothly till I upgraded all biz to 50+ now it crashes every few minutes on my tablet.

I loved it until I reached all the requirements for stars and my money counter keeps resetting so I can never get it. Truly dissapointed.

Loved* it. "can't get more than 130k+ cred points on hand at once. every time I get 9 quintillion it resets with no star." That was my original quote rated four stars in November. No attempt to fix these bugs have been made. I spend days on end cycling through 9 quin waiting for my star. I have to have gvmt at 200 producing 2 quin. That's 500k cred points... With a star. Please fix

Fun for awhile Unbalanced after 50 for all. Need to add something at 75 and 100 for each. It takes way too long to get to 100 on all.

Enjoyable Like that it doesn't have to be on to run and rack up cash. Dont like that there isnt any faq or help on knowing anything like the stars or other tid bits...

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How to use Idle Ventures for PC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Idle Ventures for PC in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Idle Ventures for PC on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 9.4 MB
Instalations 50,000 - 100,000
Score 3.4
Developer Outpost 5 Games, LLC

We don't provide APK download for Idle Ventures for PC but, you can download from Google Play

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