Ice Age Adventures for PC

BEST GAME EVER Best game I've played in a lot of time, I LOVE IT! One of the best Ice age games(and games in general) in years! I give one star less because of a bug when Sid doesn't move with the other character a d then whe he comes he moves through walls! Please fix the pathfinding of Sid, PLEASE! Thanks for the game, I will even buy golden acorns(soon)

Pretty fun Good game (mostly because I love ice age), tired of seeing fruit loop ads! They are not a part of a balanced breakfast and seeing an ad 100 times only makes me want to believe that. Also time to mix things up a bit! More fun events, maybe add a choice for the scrat mini game! But still overall a fun little game

the most worst game I've ever played in the begining game was very good until i connect to Internet, once i did every construction time increased by 1 and half DAY and even the spins which atmost take 15 min turned 1day 20 hours. What the f_ _ _ , are we suposed to play or not.?

Fun & So Addictive! ⚠ Not only is this game Fun & addictive, but serious kudos to Gamelofts creators for keeping my ADD butt engaged with it! No other game, thus far, has been able to do that -other games become stale for me all too quickly , but not this one. As a bonus, the customer care is quick to respond (OMG, they actually responded?!) & top-notch! I purchased acorns & didn't receive them, but they fixed it within a couple days (it was the weekend ) thank you gameloft for this awesome game & care!

Fun but totally disappointed after update After I update the game all my previous game process was deleted. All the islands and animal's I rescue were disappeared. The game starts from beginning. It ask me to update again but there was no update I was not able to play the game. every time I opens the game it starts from the beginning. I had almost finish the tropical region but the game starts from the beginning. That also I have to open the game when I was online if I was in offline the game starts from the initial stage. I'm going to delete game

Ice Age Adventures I am SOOOOOO addicted to this game. I love that the original voice cast are used (John Leguizamo, Ray Romano, Dennis Leary) are used. And I like the Scrat mini game, too. A GR8 combo of smashing stuff, driving/racing, and match 3. Graphics match the movies...just really well done and fun fun fun!! (Love it SOOOOOO much I dream about Sid saying "come out, come out wherever you are" & "We FOUND you!!"

Game is very badly pay to play I haven't seen such a money hungry game in quite some time. Oh, was the last time I tried a Gameloft game. The only thing cute about this game is the characters and animals you can save. Everything in this game is designed to keep you stuck for months or choose to spend real money. Very disappointed.

Acorns and hard to get items My grandson and I both play this. We love it. It's fun. Only gave a 4 star, because it is so hard to win something in the mini games on the main island. Spent a week trying to get the blades needed to beat the pirate. Finally had to resort to saving up my acorns to get the darn area opened. I won't buy into the game, as I got burnt on the other Ice Age game you had. This one has closed a few times but hasn't froze on me. Thanks for a great game. I do recommend this.

Giving it three stars because of the advertisement. it is so frequent. and I don't why but I'm not being able to connect with the game's server. therefore not allowing me to try the daily events. and acorn are so rare. which was fun before. but now is kind of irritating not being able to move forward. I need 120 golden acorn to get to the rihno. I'm just wondering how long that's gonna take. already it has become 2 days. and what's up with the turtle thing. I wasted 2400 berries on it still nothing happened

I have the Samsung S5 5.1.1 version My problem is, I have been working on getting the 3 babies on the last 3 lava islands since the last big upgrade back in December. Is there a way you could fix that? Also according to the things I have to do, I have to get the tapir animal, since I was able to get it on the game. My question is why is it still there? I'm on the first new island since you upgraded the other day. I can't afford to buy the last 1. Is there a way you could fix that problem.

Hey. New islands, new level, expanded village and increased storage for shells and berries.But I can't take part in the daily challenges or collect the acorns.Enjoyed this game for a long time. Finally had enough of not being able to collect my rewards, so I uninstalled (losing everything) then started again. Keep going back to it and now I can take part in the daily challenges but I don't trust it all that much.

Gold digger and crashes a lot and waste of time. It is completely focussed on using up gold. Very simple chores also have a gold option and by mistake click will cause the gold to be used. It is a total waste of time and gives u frustration when you loose your hard earned gold. This app crashes a lot. A lot of times it doesn't connect to internet on wifi. Finally u have to restart your phone. Avoid it.

To long Takes too long to be able to collect acorns. Slots will never give them to you. Good time waster. Slots are rigged to bypass or stop before your acorns or whatever you may need to advance in the game. I played the scrat-alanche and when I swiped the screen for a prize, it stopped on the jackpot of golden acorns, froze for a second and it moved over to a trinket! Definitely rigged!!! Don't waste your time and money with this one. Update, 3/5/16. After playing for awhile my previous statement is true!!! You never ever win any major prizes in this game!!! Good luck with this one..........

Greedy Gameloft Gameloft is always greedy. You have to have a fat wallet to play this game. Gameplay is good. But if you dont want to spend real money then you will have to play for about twenty years to complete the game. There are a lot of special events every now and then. But the gameplay has made sure that you will never complete them even if you play 24*7 without spending real money. Beware gamers! Unless you are so rich never play a gameloft game. It is high time to change the name from GAMELOFT to GREEDYLOT.

Good game, but greedy. It's a great game, engaging, addictive. But let's face it. One island a few islands in, with not just a 50 acorn bridge, but also a 120 acorn bridge (then another 120 a couple of islands past that) is a blatant money grab!!! Especially putting animals on the other side of those bridges and then making you clear the paths again after you've gone a few islands past. Normally i don't mind spending a few dollars here and there when its a game i really enjoy. But with a show of that much greed, no.

I did love it My game updated and I lost everything. This is the 2nd time that's happened. I refuse to start over again. If it doesn't get some kind of fix in the next few days,I'll never d/l another GameLoft game again!!

I had to change my comment and rating Game is very addictive and and i have already completed its updated levels as well. Few things makes this game bullshit. Accorns finding speed. Weekly event is full of lot of bugs. It never ends in first time. Weekly event is ending in2 or this time 4 weeks. And that soecial event is the biggest bullshit. It is the berries eating machine but never give any animal but fe berries and shells. Thats it. You have ruined this wonderfull game now.

Improper use of authority Beware not only does this game not run correctly half the time, they ban you for no reason and then after waiting for a response for a week they say they can't tell you why. Well that's because there was no good reason! the customer service has been the worst. My suggestion is find a better game to play!

The game is cute but very crooked. Very dishonest. This is a game children play. Bad in fact horrible example for them. I agree with the other people who said Gameloft should be changed to Greedloft. In reality the golden acorns are not much money, but who is going to be stupid enough to put their credit card on a site this dishonest.

Stuck It wont let me progress further... ive completed the first 3 islands but it wont let me go to the fourth. It keeps saying i cant move on because i could have left someone behind but i rescued everyone already. Please advise on what to do

Frozen Used to love this game but now seems to have probs. I can't get my daily reward yet again. Just says unable 2 collect. Even when it works to let u play, it never lets u collect the reward. Not impressed. It's happened so many times i must be owed 50 acorns by now! Come on. Sort it out please! So close to uninstalling!

Fix errors i update version 1.9.1, but there is still not sign of Cratecous. I defeat it two times. And daily reward seem not process well coz no reward or claim later... I cant get my acron.

This is adictive.... very cool game. But the rate at which the vegetation grows on the islands vs the rate you earn berries makes it difficult to get to the rewards spinners. *dropped to one star, there is a bug and i cannot collect my goodies from the events and cannot move forward with todays event as a result. PLEASE fix it!

Irritating Hey i have played this game from last few days. When i open the game today it automatically download something for 10mb in the game and then till now it says unfortunately ice age stopped working. It worked well till yesterday night before that download. I have spend more than 150mb for this game. What is happening here. Help me out of this. If you help me out of these iam happy to give 5 stars. This happens again and again. I download the game, play for few days. Then it stops working after an update.

One big glitch On my game I have already cleared the first several islands but it will not let me start exploring New Snowington because it is saying I haven't rescued all the parents and I have. If this was fixed I would give 5 stars. Please help.

Lost my progress It erased my progress out of the sudden. Give me back my progress right now or I will uninstall. As well I was on the tropical environnement ! Can't bear redoing everything. Don't even install it because when you reach the Tropical environment, you will lose your progress in not even a night

I love it but.. It won't allow me to go through wobbly island. It says i have to rescue 4 bears. I have rescued 3 of them. There are no other polar bears on any island. Where do i get the last one? :(

Unlock different environments to be in the events The volcano environment is like impossible to unlock you need like a gazillion shells and a million blueprints I really want to get that Turtle creature and I only have 2 Days please help

Great game with lots of variety Love that game but the only thing is, that I always get the message that the game failed to connect to the social networks and that I should check my internet connection. But I always have good Internet! So yeah I hope next update fixes that, because otherwise the game is great!

too many issues used to be 5 stars, now 2. first, i did ask many times about trophy here. how to get run! runn trophy, but no reply!! second, unable to get daily challenge reward. I clicked retry many times already. third, it will good if we can enter hidden oasis without waiting for scrat-lantern. people doesn't like to wait. fourth, please update and add new islands. all islands opened already.

Love but..... It worked until the last update. I haven't been able to play it for over a month. I'm sad because this is one of my favorite games. I've deleted and reinstalled it several times. I've got an LG V10 and it's just not working

It sucks It takes like 3 days for collecting events pleas help me and fix this GAME. And I just get items I don't need, and never that I need. And just FIX THAT ADS when a ad comes up the APS closed for like 5-10 mins #FIXIT. If you fix all of that I'll R8 it 5 stars M8

Reloaded twice, can't get anywhere New islands are not available after the previous goal is achieved. Waiting for an update... it Looks like it would be a fun game. Let me know if you update so I can really check it out.

Awesome, Entertaining but it stated to freeze Absolutely addicting. Just did the update hope this solves the few hiccups I started to encounter with the turquoise fountain freezing when it spins to reveal berries, acorn, shells etc... And the slide prize one skips too.

Berries Impressive graphics and beautiful colors. But I have changed my rate to you from 5 stars to 1 star because every time I enter the game, when I want to collect my berries from my animals, one or two sets of berries go to my berries bowl and their level remains the same, doesn't grow. For example I have 400 berries and all my animals after several hours made thousands of berries. Maximul level for the moment is 8000. When I collect the berries, 1200 go to the bowl, the next 48 goes to the bowl but the next 1200 goes to the berries bowl but it doesn't inffluence the actual lever in order to grow.... The same bug happens with shells level and acorns. I watched the daily video for example which promise me it will give me 1 accorn. At the moment I have 10 acorns. It is suppossed that now I will have 11.... but no... same 10.... I am very very very trully dissapointed. I will give up playing this game because of this problem.

Great but i have 2 uninstall I asked u it is bugging is not allowing me to get on 2 fire island..soo i have 2 delete it now sorry...n u knw its really very 2 me 2 uninstqll dis game..i love it soo much

Don't kill this nice thing... Dear Developers, I m one of the fans of this sweet looking game. Looks like you people have fact...lost interest in this game of yours. There is nothing new added since a while. If no new islands then at least throw something new on the old ones so that there is a point revisiting them. It should not b do difficult for you.

So many adds. It pops up every 2 mins or whenever i open an option.. and it annoys me much and it keeps me thinking of stopping the game and uninstall it.. Please i'm begging please fix it. Thanks a lot.

Nice but need lot of real money Lovely game but it need Lot of real money why that,, hope to make it easy alittle its hard to v a gold arcon,,, make arcon like Dimon at cars fast as lighting,,, u can easy to get it but that ti hard n if u gain u gain only 5 on the day how i open brigde at island

Game dead No more special islands. Only getting max 2x per day acorns. And haven't won any for months. At this rate will take a year to get enough (500) to open a bridge. Pretty much over it.

Scrat’s nutty pursuit of the cursed acorn has world-changing consequences. Manny, Diego, and the rest of the herd are suddenly floating out to sea at the edge of a continental cataclysm. Left all alone, Sid needs your help to rescue his friends and save the entire herd.Get ready for ICE AGE ADVENTURES!EPIC ADVENTURE• Explore the […]

How to use Ice Age Adventures for PC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Ice Age Adventures for PC in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Ice Age Adventures for PC on your PC or MAC.


Price Free
App Size 61 MB
Instalations 10,000,000 - 50,000,000
Score 4.3
Developer Gameloft

We don't provide APK download for Ice Age Adventures for PC but, you can download from Google Play

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