Dizzy – Prince of the Yolkfolk for PC

"Dizzy you must gather all 20 cherries so we can bake a lovely pie ". Oh the nostalgia. Pretty much mirrors the original Amstrad version in terms of the story and collectables. Ironically the touch screen controls feel about the same as the keyboard controls on the Amstrad. A nice little game, short but fun. It's a shame Codemasters haven't brought more of the Dizzy games to Android. How about a new adventure?

Dizzy potyf A bit buggy on ice cream sandwich. No way to quit out but the home button and then cancel through task manager and jokingly short for a dizzy game. I enjoyed what little time I did play of it and if they were to re-release say treasure idland/fantasy land or magicland dizzy I would definitely buy them

Classic Old fan of the series so 5 stars. But sank into ground near cave entrance (boat screen) almost at the end of the game and due to save had to start from the very begining - so 4 stars. To everyone - jump over cave hole in this plase, don't just fall. To Codemasters - fix, please and add position alignment when saved game loads. Hope for Fantastic Dizzy remake :-) cause this one is too short.

Good but could be better Great bit of dizzy nostalgia from the spectrum/Amiga era. Some quality related bugs that don't break the game and some operational bugs that do. I no longer get the option to load a saved game. This means after a glitch and starting again in slot 2. I can't get the options to start from another slot.

Amazing What a nostalgic adventure ported to the Android system just perfectly. But I don't understand why more people have not downloaded it its a perfectly amazing game. And to the developers why haven't we had any more ?? Magic land dizzy , treasure island , spellbound, and of course the very original dizzy . People are wanting these game . It would be ace if you could reply to this and let us know about ant future plans. Amazing work keep it up .

Thought i would risk it.... And the risk i took was not a good idea. Just trying picking up spanner/wrentch and game frooze,reset and didnt save!!! I have a samsung galaxy s3. Sooo... who do i speak to to get a refund.? As i will be asking google for one for sure......just been given a refund!!!! Thankyou google.

Good classic game but sooooo many bugs Great game. I remember the original version on the Sinclair Spectrum. Only problem is the huge amount of bugs and random closes. Screen turns black and get returned to the phones home screen. Unfortunately this makes the game unplayable. Using an Xperia X10i and an Xperia Ray. Same problems occur on both phones. Would mark it a lot higher if it wasn't for the problems.

Just love Dizzy! Keep on coming with the old remakes. Games were much better back then. Treasure island dizzy next then Slightly Magic!! Maybe some of the Seymour games too? Would be better if dizzy could die like in the original. Also fix the graphics pop up, no need for it these days. The art work is fantastic but the coding ruined it a bit.

A little retro fun.. Emphasis on little.. This is a nice reminder of the old dizzy games, with updated graphics. However it is VERY short - I know the game is only just over £1 but still.. I finished this within 2 hours. The controls are a little twitchy & the lack of a option to manually save & to properly quit out of the game is a poor effort. This should be better. Would be worth the money if it was longer. However you may just be better off downloading a megadrive emulator and getting the fantastic dizzy rom for free until they sort this out.

buggy its a great little game taking me back to my younger zx spectrum days, but I encountered a game breaking bug which rendered the game unfinishable which needless to say is a little frustrating. otherwise I'd have given it 5 stars

Memories but buggy DHD good game, completed in 1H. But buggy. Screens take time to load and can sometimes end up making you stuck. At evil dizzy crashes when fall in pit

I can only give this a three im afraid. . Graphics and game play were spot on but the game is too short.. completing it in no time at all.. I expected more for my money. Sorry codemasters.. you are legends.. I used to own all the dizzy gamed for my spectrum... I was hoping for so much morr thid time round!

Great old school classic Great game, rely can't fault it. Possibly one of Dizzys best adventures. The only thing I wish it did have was the NES versions music. Still thumbs up for the Egg with the boxing gloves.

Bug makes it uncompleteable!!!! REFUND A game that you pay money for should be completable when i get to the princess dizzy gets stuck and can't jump this is a poor excuse for a game the developer's can't even proof read.... "little my little egg" just unacceptable would like a refund why should i pay for half a game?

Awesome remake! Great graphics and sound! I'm not sure if they cut a few corners and made the game shorter, but this doesn't matter in the end - my son LOVES this version.

Glad i ignored the reviews. Maybe its been fixed. All i know is that on my Note it works well. Spoke too soon! Weird graphical glitches broke my game. Luckily a reboot fixed it and i didn't lose my game progress. *update* way too short.

I love Dizzy! Wow, nostalgia overdrive. Takes me right back to being 8 years old again. Even better with the fact I'm not sitting there waiting for it to load. No bugs my end either (Nexus 4) runs smooth. Confused a bit over 'saving' the game, but you save it when you start, so if you left at any point and come back it asks if you want to continue from there. My ooonnnllyyy issue is, it's too short :( I completed it in an hour. There's pickups that arent needed, rug, mp3 player, teddy.. which led me to believe there was more.. so when it ended I was left feeling "Is that it?" so not quite the epic adventure of yesteryear but still enjoyable all the same.. please make more! and longer ones too!

Sad What happened? Looks like a shockwave web game with all the graphic bugs! Was expecting better, would be better of installing a emulator to play dizzy. very poor code masters

Classic Dizzy I was a bit hesitant about this given other reviews, but the lure if Dizzy was too much. Like other reviews state, this game has serious graphical glitches when scrolling. Annoying, but not a gamebreaker, although twice it led me to get stuck so I had to reload the game. On one other occasion poor collision detection led me to get killed and respawn in the same place. Apart from these, its a classic Dizzy game, based on the original POTYF, but not a remake. However at 30 mins its too easy and too short

Poor Remake It's a great idea to remake and re-release the Dizzy series but this is a poor remake. The graphics are nice but the gameplay and dialogue is dumbed down. It's also very buggy. Disappointing.

Dizzy Great game of old remastered, however is only one level long before you finished it, probably about one hours game play which is not worth the £1.49. Didn't mind buying the game as i loved the original but feel cheated its not the full game!!!

To short I purchased this app thinking it would be good I was enjoying the game play until it ended. If I had known it was this short would of never paid for it! This should be a free trial not a paid app. Needs update until then I warn do not purchase!!!!

Don't bother After and initial glitch which stopped me from completing the game I finally managed to complete it. Love the dizzy series and glad to see it back. That said the next scenes take a bit to load ruining the flow of the game

Disappointed This is hugely dumbed down and inferior to the 8 bit versions of this game. Unlimited lives and no bats? Also a poor menu system. Please just release spectrum or cpc versions for android as this is almost a waste of storage space. :-(

Dizzy is broken, fix this please! I love Dizzy but this is buggy and unworkable. I had to stop half way through due to falling through the floor, losing key items and invincible enemies. Huff

buggy, too short and a let down buggy, xtremely short game and a let down - needs updating with more location than the couple in the game. get better games for less than 75p

Enjoyable fun game Played on a galaxy s2 and didn't have too many problems. Took around 90 mins to complete, which is not bad. Took me back to the days I had my amstrad cpc464, although I didn't have to wait for the cassette to load:)

Fab but bugged Samsung galaxy ace plus - game doesn't fit on screen, can hardly use controls. Bugs need fixing, falling through floor, walk too fast n get stuck between screens etc. Able to complete despite bugs. Great to play Dizzy again though, blast from past!

Good update to original Plays well with a few clipping glitches. Very pretty graphical update over original. Shame it's so short to complete 100% in one sitting. Would love to see more Dizzy games tho... Magicland or Spellbound please!

Hoping for big fixes soon. Being a big Dizzy fan from the spectrum days I was delighted when this game was released, however after repeatedly being unable to play the game past a certain point due to a bug (thorn by the trapdoor), I gave up in frustration. I can understand that there a large number of Android devices on the market and it can be difficult to get applications to perform well on all. However by my own experience, and looking at all the other comments on here its clear that there are issues with this game. I hope code masters can release an update to fix it, until then I wouldn't recommend it. HTC Sensation.

Woohoo! At last!! A fantastic remake of a classic! Stays very true to the Amiga version and I hope we get Magicland Dizzy next, my all time favourite Amiga game. Ran into a bug here and there but nothing life shattering. The infinite lives is a nice touch considering its more fiddly playing on a phone. Kind of miss the titles of each screen but oh well. Now all I need is Elite to release the MSX versions of Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy and I am sorted!

Okay Short, got stuck next to the princess and had to start from scratch. Annoying. No graphical glitches but sprite collision needs a lot of work.

What the hell have ppl been playing? Yeah yeah i remember dizzy back when he was just a lad on my old amiga. Then as a teen on the megadrive. This latest iteration though grumbles and wheezes like an old man. Trust me on this save your money, get an emulator and enjoy dizzy in his hey day. This feels like something codemasters work experience kids threw together in a weekend. Dont waste your time

DO NOT BUY THIS, ITS TOO BROKEN I bought this to relive my C64 days. First playthrough on my Galaxy S I couldn't use the thorn due to falling through the floor and dying. Started again on my Xoom and this time his movement bugged so now I can't jump and can only walk in a confined space. Even reloading the game makes no difference, so now played quite far twice and unable to complete. Total waste of time which is a shame, because it's actually pretty ok to play. This would be one star due to bugs, but it gets two stars because it rekindles childhood memories.

Exciting at first, then highly disappointing Sadly unplayable on my Transformer. So many crashes, and now my game is corrupted because I was unable to move in any direction, until eventually Dizzy just drifted off the bottom of the screen. Such a shame.

Excellent throwback Great fun, would love to see the others with this treatment. Did hit one bug on HTC one s but didn't affect me too bad.

Hateful hint system. Yeah there's the occasional crash, that I didn't mind, but the integrated hint system that automatically TELLS YOU THE ANSWER if you take more than a couple of minutes is a pain. It's a puzzle game! Don't tell me how to complete it! That's like an fps that kills all your enemies for you if you take too long. Option to turn it off please.

Dizzy in Bugland Would be fun if it wasn't so utterly bugged. Doesn't work on TF101 or X10i properly. Falling through floor, crashes, ARGH. If it's fixed it would be great, as it is I can't recommend it.

Fantastic I loved playing Dizzy games when I was a kid on the C64 and now, despite being almost 30 years of age, I was more than happy to spend the £1.49 asking price for this HD remake. It didn't disappoint either. The HD graphics are gorgeous and although I'd read that some people had experienced bugs whist playing the game I can't say that I experienced any whatsoever on my HTC One X. Treasure Island, Fantasy World and Magicland would make very welcome additions to this new format. Thumbs up!

Good game. Bad Glitches As the review title suggests. If kids played games like this the world might be a happier place. Good attempt but when it does glitch it is unforgiving.

The return of the most fantastic eggventurer of all time, with gorgeous HD graphics and glorious gameplay. Lead Dizzy on his ultimate quest to awaken Daisy and bring peace to the Yolkfolk.The eponymous egg-shaped have-a-go hero returns in familiar form, complete with red boxing gloves and his trademark rolls and somersaults as he ventures forth […]

How to use Dizzy – Prince of the Yolkfolk for PC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Dizzy – Prince of the Yolkfolk for PC in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Dizzy – Prince of the Yolkfolk for PC on your PC or MAC.


Price 199
App Size 36 MB
Instalations 10,000 - 50,000
Score 3.8
Developer Codemasters Software Company Ltd

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